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    UK - Bijan Ebrahimi, 44, disabled, beaten & burned alive, Bristol, 14 July 2013

    Two independent investigations are under way into the murder of an innocent man who was beaten and burned to death after vigilante neighbours mistook him for a paedophile.

    Bijan Ebrahimi, 44, had taken a series of photographs of local youths attacking his hanging baskets and intended to hand the images to police as evidence.

    But someone saw him with the camera and told police that Ebrahimi, who was registered disabled and couldn't work, had taken pictures of children.

    Officers took him away for questioning and as Ebrahimi left his council maisonette in Bristol residents began chanting: "Paedo, paedo".

    He was quizzed at a police station but officers soon realised he was blameless and released him. By then rumours had begun circulating in the Brislington area that he was a child abuser and two days later he was murdered.

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    ...and this is why I'm always in favor of the actual justice system, flaws and all.
    “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” -- Terry Pratchett

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    Sadly its not an isolated incident...

    A mother-to-be led a savage assault on a man wrongly identified as a paedophile.

    Rachel Ashworth and two accomplices burst into the home of Antonio Cressoti and beat him so badly he was left unconscious.

    They kicked and punched him to the floor before smashing an ornament over his head.

    Ashworth, 28, later boasted of the attack on Facebook, saying: ‘I even jumped on his head myself. Any paedophile deserves hanging.’

    But Mr Cressoti, 39, had never committed a sex offence, Burnley Crown Court heard yesterday.

    Ashworth, who is studying beauty therapy, had seen his name on Predators Watch, a Facebook site identifying suspected paedophiles.

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    This is so sad. RIP.

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    These two morons were sentenced today...

    James was jailed for life and will serve a minimum of 18 years after admitting murdering Mr Ebrahimi, 44, while Norley, who admitted assisting an offender, was jailed for four years.

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    Three PCs and a PCSO are to face misconduct charges after the murder of a man by a neighbour who wrongly believed him to be a paedophile...

    PCs Kevin Duffy, Helen Harris and Leanne Winter allegedly failed to respond to the victim's calls for help.

    PCSO Andrew Passmore is alleged to have given false information to a 999 operator about his location. Mr Passmore will also be charged with perverting the course of justice for allegedly giving different accounts to the murder investigation and the police watchdog.

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    Police Officer Dismissed After Man's Murder
    23rd January 2016

    PC Kevin Duffy, 52, and PCSO Andrew Passmore, 56, were found guilty of misconduct in a public office last month in connection with the death of disabled Bijan Ebrahimi in Bristol.


    Avon and Somerset Police announced both officers have been dismissed from the force following misconduct hearings.


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