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    HI - Paul 'Sonny' Featherman, 27, & Nancy Baugh, 20, Hanalei, 2 June 1979

    Questions remain, he said, such as “why it happened, what were the circumstances that would lead to someone to come into a house at 1 in the morning.”

    Information that has now come out is that Featherman was apparently in the bathroom when he heard some commotion in the cottage. “I guess they had Nancy,” Steve said. “There were at least three people in the house. He came out of the bathroom and resisted them, and they shot him in the face with a 12-guage shotgun. They wrapped her up in the blanket; she was yelling and screaming. Many neighbors heard and saw three or four people carrying something or someone wrapped up in a blanket yelling and screaming and kicking, but no one called police.”


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    It sounds like it was the brothers everyone is afraid of. .. although the way they took Nancy is just really very strange.


    not that there is a normal way to take someone.. but i have to say i have never before read of anyone being carried out of a cottage wrapped up in a blanket while kicking and screaming.

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    It was the brothers. The one who has now passed on told me about it himself, and about what they kept doing to the body. Disgusting. What bothers me more is that the rest of the ones involved are still just going about their daily lives. And when the one who passed on told me about it, he was just so casual about the whole thing. They hurt a lot of people. Absolutely disgusting.

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