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how far away was this place from where he was last seen? Surely LE decided to check all the gorges when they first heard of this....

The gorges are huge and deep with many water falls and deep pools. They are very difficult to search because they are full of rocks. There are trails, but they don't cover the gorges completely. It is not uncommon for bodies to take a few days to be discovered. Sometimes they get into a deep pool and get caught behind a waterfall for a day or so. If the water is really high, a body could be completey invisible as it rushed down the hill.

He might have fallen. He might have jumped. When I was a student there, silly frat boys would show off by walking along the railings of the bridges. ONe guy died when he did a handstand on a railing. How dumb is that? Dan might have been taking a shortcut along one of the trails that skirts the gorge.