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    UK - Living newborn found by dog, Birmingham, Nov'13

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    "Baby Jade" and the beautiful pup that found her (also named Jade)

    Tammie McCormick, 13, missing since 1986 http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=128676

    Jaliek Rainwalker, 12, missing since 2007 http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55811

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanting2Help View Post

    "Baby Jade" and the beautiful pup that found her (also named Jade)
    What a lucky baby!

    hope the dog wrangles a big juicey steak outta this! She certainly deserves it!

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    Holy chairs, that is amazing. It's great to see a story with a somewhat good ending every now and again.

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    Ugh...just thinking about my loved ones with fertility issues. How they would love to hold a baby like that in their arms and not let go. So happy she was found. I just hope she spends the rest of her life with people who want her and love her.

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    up north

    West Midlands Police - Press Release - "Baby Jade"


    Police park appeal for help to trace baby Jade's mum

    7 November 2013

    POLICE officers return to a Stechford park this afternoon (Thurs 7 Nov) a week on from a newborn baby being found there in a plastic bag – and hope the anniversary visit will prompt new information to help them reunite the tot with her mum.

    Baby Jade was found in Marlborough Community Park, off Stuarts Road, at around 2pm last Thursday by a dog walker.

    She continues to progress well in hospital, adding slightly to her 6lb admission weight, and is expected to be placed with a foster care family in the next few days.

    Today’s one-week anniversary revisit, from 12.45-2.15pm, sees officers handing out leaflets in and around the park in the hope it will jog people’s memories and spark new information to help trace the mother.

    Birmingham East Police Chief Inspector Ian Green, said: “The leaflet features an image of the carrier bag – from toy store The Entertainer – that Baby Jade was found wrapped inside and we’re particularly keen to hear from anyone who recalls seeing someone with a bag like that in or near the park last Thursday afternoon.

    “She was found at around 2pm and doctors, considering the baby’s core temperature, believe she’d been in the park for no more than 40 minutes before being sniffed out by the dog. But of course there’s a chance whoever left Jade there was in or around the park for sometime before placing the bag on a small embankment above a footpath.

    “Jade is progressing well in hospital and is close to making a full recovery – even now she’s beginning to develop a little personality and it’s heartbreaking her mother is missing out on these special moments.

    “I’d urge her mum, or anyone who knows her, to contact us so we can reunite her with her baby and get her any medical or emotional support she needs. They can speak to us on the 101 police number.”

    Police are awaiting the results of a DNA swab taken from baby Jade – named by hospital staff after the dog whose walker found her – which it’s hoped will help police identify her likely parents.

    Exhaustive house-to-house enquiries have been carried out around the park and checks made with regional hospitals, medical centres and care homes.

    Missing person checks have also been made with police forces across the country, including one pregnant lady who went missing from Humberside but was later found to have given birth in a Manchester hospital.

    West Midlands Police has released new photos and a video clip of Jade taken from hospital where Lead Nurse Sheena Lewis, said: “She’s getting lots of cuddles and seems to be doing well…we’ve received lots of gifts and clothing from members of the public wanting to help out which is very sweet.

    “Her mum is missing out on some magic moments…hopefully she’ll come forward soon so we can reunite her with Jade.”

    Anyone with information about the birth, or who suspects they may know Jade’s mother, is urged to call the 101 number.

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    Jade the dog has almost a human intelligence in her eyes in that picture, and showed stronger maternal instincts than the birth mother. A black and tan German Shepard named Babe watched over me when I was a child. She looked much like Jade, was very gentle with me but would have torn to shreds anyone who would have harmed me. They are amazing animals.

    This baby will have no problem finding a loving home.

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    I'm not sue which Jade Im more in love with. The dog truly does have human in her eyes. Sad for the mom, but this is a beautiful story and this baby will be loved.

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    The baby's mother has been identified and charged:


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