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    Exclamation AZ - Shaun Searle, 28, Tucson, 5 June 2012


    TUCSON, AZ Jun 18, 2013 7:32 PM EDT
    (Tucson News Now) -
    It's been a year and two weeks since Shaun Michael Searle went missing.

    It was June 5th, 2012 when the 28-year-old Searle stepped out of his mother's midtown home and continued to walk down East Elm street.

    He hasn't been seen since.

    By her own admission, Shaun Michael's mother knew her son had some real demons.

    For years, he struggled with drugs and depression, Penny Searle says.

    But on the afternoon of June 5th, 2012, Searle said something seemed very different.

    "I've seen him paranoid before, but this time he was very terrified," she says, recalling that day one year ago. "He said he had got involved with some people the night before, some very bad people. And they were going to kill him."

    That night -- between 11 PM and midnight -- Shaun Michael walked away, never to be heard from again.

    Due to his state of mind and frequent drug abuse, one of the theories is that he killed himself.

    But just 15 minutes after Shaun Michael left, his mother says a stranger showed up looking for him.

    She'd never seen this man before.

    But says he was very interested in knowing the whereabouts of her son.

    The next night the same man showed up again, never making any threats toward anyone but definitely making his presence known.

    For more of the story - http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/2...michael-searle
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    this is scary. Are there no leads?

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    Sadly, we never have very much follow up on bodies found or murders somedays. It's our news out here. Frustrates and baffles me to no end. This article comes to mind but will check for other news around the time Shaun disappeared.

    Two bodies that were found after Shaun went missing in 2012, in Dec. 2012. I'll check to see if any follow up has been done but it's not broadcasted across the social media world much here. I feel lucky to get a follow up from our local MSM sources most days.


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    I did find this article dated July 30th, 2012.

    The missing man has a medical condition, but Hawke did not disclose what it is, citing privacy concerns.

    "Information was received that he might be suicidal," she said.

    It goes onto say he had no activity on his bank account or cards. He had two warrants on misdemeanor cases pending.


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    A city report about Shaun missing 7/30/12.


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    He was last seen between the U of A area & downtown Tucson. There are some tough areas in there. Anything could have happened to him. I'll keep searching. 500 E. Elm Street.


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    Shaun has been added to namus:

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    Facebook page: Praying for SHAUN

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