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    NM Extreme Police Abuse: Traffic stop leads to forced enemas, probing and colonoscopy

    This story is truly unbelievable but apparently there are hospital and police reports that back it all up!

    Guy is leaving walmart and gets pulled over for not completely stopping at a stop sign. Officers claim he appeared to be "clenching his buttocks" and then proceeded to get a warrant to search his body cavities for drugs.

    What happens next is just astounding...

    1. Eckert’s abdominal area was X-rayed; no narcotics were found.

    2. Doctors then performed RWO exams of Eckert’s anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.

    3. Doctors penetrated Eckert’s anus to insert an enema. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found. They then forced him to have two more enemas and defecate in front of police two more times.

    4. Doctors then X-rayed Eckert again; no narcotics were found.

    5. Doctors prepared Eckert for surgery, sedated him, and then performed a colonoscopy where a scope with a camera was inserted into Eckert’s anus, rectum, colon and large intestines. No narcotics were found.

    Needless to say the lawsuits have begun! Oh and the icing on the cake is that the hospital is now sending a collection agency after the man because they expect HIM to pay the bills for the procedures!

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    ok i thought i had read this wrong. what in the world!!
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    What kind of doctor would agree to do that.

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    That's so ridiculous it sounds like an Onion article!

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    NOTE TO SELF: Do not clinch buttocks if stopped by police!
    This is just MOO

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    I didn't read the article, but didn't he have a lawyer ? This story sounds out there and I have trouble thinking of The Blaze as a good source for news. My opinion.

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    This just can not be true - there has to be more to this story.

    more than one doctor (the article cites doctorsS - plural) went along with this - even after the first and second "searches" showed nothing? he had to poop 3 times right then, on the spot? Who can do that? And don't you have to be prepped (i.e., eating certain foods, taking some liquid stuff?) for colonscopy? I did not think you could just go in and have one.

    ALL IMO but this story as reported is too hinky to be believed.

    ETA: Doctors at the first hospital refused to do this. Cops shopped around for a hospital that would. WTH???

    ETA #2: Note at the end of TheBlaze's story says: Editor’s note: According to the affidavit for the search warrant (included above), Eckert was allegedly “known to insert drugs into his anal cavity and had been caught in Hidalgo County with drugs in his anal cavity.” This significant detail was discovered during TheBlaze’s follow-up investigating on the incident.

    Still does not merit this and this guy has a lawsuit. This can not be allowed to happen ever again like it did.
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    Sounds like they may have been watching the guy just waiting til he forgot to signal or come to a full stop so they could search.

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