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    CT - "Ghostly fog"/mini-tornado (a.k.a. dust devil) haunts Hartford parking lot

    Daily Mail w/pics & video:

    'Ghostly fog' caught on camera the moment it rips car mirror off police vehicle leaves officers scared and meteorologists scrambling for an answer
    • 'Some of the officers said they think the parking lot's haunted,' said Hartford Lt. Brian Foley
    • NBC Connecticut Meteorologist Brad Field concluded that the fog is not a ghost, rather it is a mini-tornado
    • The car mirror was ripped off the car and swept through the air before it fell down to the asphalt beneath the car door
    Brad Field, an NBC Connecticut meteorologist, believes there is a more scientific explanation for the event.

    After reviewing the video, Field concluded that the fog was not a ghost, but a dust devil. A dust devil is a mini-tornado of sorts. It's a swirl of wind that picks up the debris surrounding it. They have been known to form on asphalt surfaces.

    'The only way you can see the dust devil is that it picks up dust and debris into it,' Field said.

    'To be able to rip a mirror off a car, throw it around and then put it right back below where it was ripped off is interesting ... to say the least,' Foley told NBC.
    more at the link
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    Interesting...can you imagine walking back to your car and seeing the mirror on the ground. It's like 'who the h*ll ripped the mirror off my car'!
    My opinion and nothing but my opinion.

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