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    Susan "Sadie" Denise Atkins

    Is served her life sentence at California Institution for Women at Frontera. During her time in prison Atkins married twice.

    In September 2009, at age 61, suffering from terminal brain cancer, Susan Adkins faced her 13th parole hearing. According to a website maintained by her husband and attorney James Whitehouse, with 85 percent of her body paralyzed she could no longer sit up or be moved to a wheelchair. Even so, Whitehouse knew there was still a chance that the parole board would find her release to be a danger to society. Adkins was known among members of the Manson Family as Sadie Mae Glutz, and by her own admission held pregnant actress Sharon Tate down and killed her, stabbing her 16 times. At a parole hearing in 1993 she said that Tate had "asked me to let her baby live....I told her I didn't have any mercy on her."

    On September 3, the parole board denied her release. She would have been able to try again in 2012, but died on Thursday September 24, 2009.


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    Not-so-sexie-Sadie IMO. She was one of the main ones IMO.

    She was at the Hinman murder. She was at the Tate murders. She was at the LaBianca murders. She must have really enjoyed killing.

    I bet the other members of the Family wish she would have bit off her own tongue early on accident.
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    She was the absolute WORST.
    George Eliot: "We constantly ask for God's mercy while showing none ourselves..."

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    This girl scared me to death. She didn't understand why she had no feelings for these people while she was killing them, and I don't think she was particularly excited about examining those feelings, either. Years later, in the recounting, her eyes seemed to still dance in delight about what she'd done.

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    Dead now.

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    While she--and several other members of the "Family"--were living in Mendocino County, they were suspected in the double murder of Clyda Dulaney and Nancy Warren on 14 October 1968. I am presently researching this case.

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