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    Homeowner uses dummies to deter crime

    Detroit homeowner uses dummies to deter crime

    Dummies stand guard on west side home

    Author: Shawn Ley, Local 4 Reporter, sley@wdiv.com

    Published On: Nov 20 2013 06:17:46 AM EST Updated On: Nov 20 2013 07:08:48 AM EST

    They stand guard at his home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    At first, and even second glance, you don’t know if they’re real or not.

    A man on Detroit’s west side is so serious about home security, he’s using CPR dummies to help him...


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    Who's the dummy now? The news article may not have given out details, but criminals are smart. They'll figure it out.

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    sad that it`s come to that

    his insurance co. won`t even cover him anymore!

    how is he supposed to enjoy his life if he can`t even relax on his own property

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    The police in the town I grew up in used a similar tactic years ago--they parked a squad car, with a dummy in the driver's seat, at a particularly bad intersection (they at times had a real cop in the driver's seat).

    Worked great at getting folks to obey the traffic signals/not speed, until someone hit the unoccupied cop car. When the story hit the papers, the jig was up.

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