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    unidentifed little boy 2-5

    I was wondering what happened to the case of the little boys body found in an alley behind a bush near were a meter was. He had a little round buster brown hair cut of the kind kids wore in the 80's and had a t-shirt or tank top on with balloons on it. Was between the ages of 2 and 5. Use to see a picture drawing of him online and he seems to have disappeared even from the doe netowork. Did the case get solved?

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    Not one person knows what I'm talking about? Wow!

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    Hi horselighting! Can you give a little more info? What city/state this happened in? That would help, a lot...

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    California I believe. I used too see his pic on the doe network and a facebook that had to do with missing kids. Seems to have disappeared.

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    perhaps ask on that FB page if you still have it on your friend's list

    I've googled and can't find anything with your descriptors

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    Can not find it on google either. It disappeared of doe network and is not listed as a solved case. I find that strange.

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    This one? It's not in California, but there have been relatively few cases involving unidentified young boys.


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