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    CT - Kathleen Flynn, 11, Ponus Ridge, 23 September 1986

    Kathleen Marie Flynn

    Her name was Kathleen. She collected Strawberry Shortcake dolls, rode a lavender bicycle and owned a dog named Lady that waited for her to come home after school. She could be shy in public, chatty at home. Every morning, she melted her father's heart by saying, ``Hello, my daddy.''

    On September 23, 1986, eleven year old Kathleen Flynn was reported missing by her mother. The sixth grader at Ponus Ridge Middle School had not been seen since she left school that day. Police, firefighters and civilian volunteers searched for the young girl and found her early next morning in some woods alongside the middle school. Kathleen Flynn had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

    Hundreds of students, teachers and parents thronged the area in the afternoon. No one saw a thing, at least not anything that led to an arrest.

    The body was identified by the girl's father, James T. Flynn, owner of Cap'n Henry's restaurant in Rowayton. Her mother, Esther Flynn, teaches mathematics at Stamford High School.

    Connecticut is offering a $20,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of Kathleen Flynn's killer(s). If you know anything about this case, please call Norwalk Detective Sgt. Art Weisgerber at 203-854-3028.


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    Kathleen Marie Flynn Never Made it Home From School in September 1986


    Kathleen Marie Flynn headed home after school like any other day on September 23, 1986. Her walk wasn't far, just about a half-mile on a paved path through the woods to her home in Norwalk, Connecticut. That fall day started off like any other.

    But that afternoon, Kathleen never returned home.

    Search teams discovered the young girl's body the next morning off the beaten path through the trees. Kathleen had been sexually assaulted and strangled. She had only turned 11 just weeks before.

    According to then Norwalk Police Chief Carl LiBianca, who spoke with told the New York Times in the weeks following the murder, the killing was "the most sadistic" in the towns' then history.

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    It's hard to believe nobody saw anything. The perp was probably watching her for a few days before the attack. So many children have disappeared on their way to or from school. It's so sad and so horrifying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavender Moon View Post
    It's hard to believe nobody saw anything. The perp was probably watching her for a few days before the attack. So many children have disappeared on their way to or from school. It's so sad and so horrifying.
    Agreed. The articles say Kathleen was walking half a mile home, on a paved path through the woods, in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. The path was just several hundred feet from athletic fields where students had been practicing the afternoon Kathleen disappeared.

    Why would someone come into the area to commit this crime? It would be very risky, unless you lived in the area or had spent a good deal of time there. Otherwise, just choose a lower risk situation.

    The perp would have had to have been lying in wait, comfortable in that wooded area, knew if he was seen (and there was a good chance he could have been) he could explain it, and, as mentioned, had probably been doing surveillance for days. JMO.

    This sounds like an older teen or young adult to me.

    Do these types of killers usually go on to kill again? Do they typically continue molesting throughout their life? Are these people true pedofiles (only attracted to children) or they the types who will take advantage of anyone? Is there a typical age range of the offender?

    I read a lot of true crime info, but I don't know much about this "type". It seems like there are lots of these cases that go unresolved, and I don't know much about the ones that have been solved.

    Sorry to be so wordy today. I will send some positive energy out in Kathleen's memory.

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