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    MA - Ashley Turniak, 16, Longmeadow, 9 November 1998

    Ashley Turniak

    This case reminds me of Tawni Lee Mazzone or the Maricopa Jane Doe. What's curious about this case is that I have been unable to find a picture of her. It's seems like such an odd case. What happened was that on November 9th 1998 at 8 am, 16 year old Ashley Turniak was found dead on the breakdown lane of I-91 south in Longmeadow, Massachusetts just 1 mile from the Connecticut border. Ashley had been seen in her high school parking lot before her first class started at 7:25 that morning. Less than an hour later, witnesses reported that she went feet-first from the passenger window of a car heading south towards Connecticut. Her backpack was found on Woodlawn Avenue in Enfield, Connecticut not far from a highway exit. At the time of her death witnesses observed a tan or light-brown mid-size vehicle, possibly a late-1980s model of a Ford Tempo, traveling at high speeds or in an erratic manner on I-91, Route 5 or Woodlawn Avenue in Enfield on Nov. 9. After Turniak's fall, the car was seen leaving I-91 at Exit 49 in Connecticut. Almost 16 years later many questions persist, was she pushed or did she fall? Who was the driver?

    I know it's been a long time and all, but no one bothered to write down or memorize the license plate of this car?? I guess in this day and age, that's almost unheard of, but 1998 wasn't exactly the stone ages. I had a thought that maybe she was abducted, but then escaped only to meet her unfortunate demise on I-91 in Massachusetts. But the school principal said Turniak came to school Monday morning, but got into a car and left with someone before classes began. Witnesses on the highway told police that the girl had tried to flag down a state trooper parked along the road, but his cruiser was facing the other direction and he didn't see her pass by.

    I'm just surprised that there isn't more about this young lady or at the very least, any pictures.


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    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21merc7 View Post
    I appreciate you finding that.
    Ashley Turniak

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    Nothing new, but interesting nevertheless.

    Nothing new here really, but nevertheless I thought I'd post it anyway..


    Massachusetts state police are focusing on what happened at Agawam High School early Monday morning that might have led to the death of a teenage girl on I-91 less than 20 minutes later.

    State police are concentrating their investigation on a narrow time frame, from about 7:45 a.m. at Agawam High and its vicinity, Lt. Peter Higgins of the Massachusetts State Police said Wednesday.
    I assume nothing of importance what found in the backpack.

    The car in which she was a passenger left the scene, possibly leaving the highway at Exit 49 in Enfield. Witnesses said the car was either tan or blue. Later in the day, a backpack identified as belonging to Turniak was found lying on a side street off the highway.

    Why would the security footage not be shown? I found that interesting. Makes me wonder..

    Higgins declined to comment on whether footage from school surveillance cameras that scan the parking lot helped to determine the time of Turniak's departure.
    For what it's worth, I found a website with a video link about Turniak's family stating that the family "remains certain they know who killed her". The only problem is that the link no longer exists. I tried to look it up elsewhere, but sadly I wasn't able to find anything or another link.


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    With this much time passed, it's likely the only way this will get solved is a DNA sample being retrieved off evidence that was missed initially. Or (less likely) someone coming forward. It is a very bizarre case. I grew up near the Connecticut-Massachusetts border and it's upsetting that her family has lived with this for so long with no answers. Hoping something breaks soon.

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    I did a google search about something else to do with Enfield CT today, and I came across Ashley's name I remembered it and it lead me to this site. I didn't know her but I often wondered if they ever found the monster that did this to her. After more googling it looks to be a cold case =( I wish news channels would highlight at least 1 case a week to try and get new leads, but I guess in this crazy world there must be too many new cases.

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    I can't believe there were never any leads or developments in this case. Now 17 years later, it seems unlikely this will be solved without a confession or DNA hit. I found a memorial page to Ashley from her high school yearbook with a few photos of her.


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    Feet first seems normal. Jumping/pushed from a vehicle one would try to land on there feet somehow. If they said head first makes me think pushed. But feet first makes me think she excited the vehicle to get out,feet first.............

    Left the school she thought she was going one place or to do something. And discovered she was going someplace else or do something else she didn't want to go or do. So she did what she had to do in that situation and just got out of the moving vehicle. Something terrorized her to the point of getting out.

    According to what I read here, she got in a vehicle at the school. But no one knows if she left with someone she knew, or if she was forced to get in the vehicle at gunpoint whatever.

    Dont recall reading any eyewitness statements she voluntarily got in the vehicle before leaving school grounds. Or maybe she did.

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    This is one of the oddest and most intriguing cases I have seen here on WS and that says a lot.