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    VA - Christopher Kloman for child sexual abuse, McLean, 2011


    The Bee Gees were big and Laura Gill was just 14 the year a teacher at the Potomac School pinned her to the floor of his basement and molested her. Nearly 40 years on, the question she says he asked her is still seared on her mind: Did she like it?

    The attack was over quickly, but the betrayal was just beginning. Gill said her parents and another teacher reported Christopher Kloman to the administration of the prestigious school in McLean, Va..........

    A woman with a face lightly lined with wrinkles recently took the stand in a Fairfax County courtroom and faced Kloman again, her story finally spilling out. Gill is now 51.

    For Gill and other women molested by Kloman in the 1960s and ’70s at Potomac, the court case was the start of an extraordinary and public quest for justice after years of pain, anger and silence. Kloman was sentenced in October to 43 years in prison. The five women he was found guilty of abusing, and others who say they were also victims, agreed to be identified in this article.

    The women’s stories reveal how the abuse they suffered affected their confidence, happiness and sense of belonging, and how the isolation has continued as they progressed through life.........

    More in 4p. article...

    I searched for all names involved and didn't find this case posted. If I missed it, please merge.

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    These girls (now women) were victimized twice: first by their trusted teacher, and then by the school system that failed to remove him and covered it up. Making those girls walk the same halls as the monster who'd molested them... unconscionable. Facing him all these years later? Incredibly brave.

    He can keep his stupid apology. He could say "oops, sorry for all the abuse!" every day for the next 43 years in prison and it would be meaningless. Of course he won't live out all those 43 years, which is a blessing to the taxpayers.

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