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    2 yo girl saves father from diabetic coma


    LONDON (AFP) - A two-year-old English girl became a heroine after she saved her father from falling into a diabetic coma, her family said.


    Trainee cook Daniel Lambell, 20, who lives in the east Midlands city of Leicester, suffers from diabetes. If his blood sugar levels fall too far he risks losing consciousness and needs sugar.


    She went to the kitchen for a bag of sugar and gave her father several spoonfuls.

    "There was no way I could do anything to help myself, so if it wasn't for Charlie, I would have gone into a coma and been like that until Karen came home, which is really dangerous," said Lambell Friday.

    Lambell said he remembered being upstairs and feeling unwell. When he came round he was in the living room and Charlie was giving him sugar.

    "She's Daddy's little hero," he said.


    "She told me: 'Daddy was poorly, but I looked after him'."

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    This is such a sweet story. What a smart and brave little girl!

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