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    A Little Help, Please?

    Hey, everybody. I need some information. Does anyone know who owns the photo of Patsy grabbing JonBenet's arm on Christmas morning? I mean in terms of copyright? I want to use it in my book and I want to cross all "T"s and dot all "I"s.
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    Hmmm...It might help to go back to the original source of the picture. Anyone know what that would be? Or at least remember the first time you saw it?

    Also, if it's ever been used in a magazine, it should say "(C) (Whoever owns the picture)" under it.

    Okay, I just looked through this gallery of articles about the case, dozens of magazine articles, and not one used the picture...
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    Whenever I read books that include family pictures, owned by a family personally instead of being owned by an entity, it doesn't list like an official source for credit but instead says something like "Used by permission of the Ramsey Family" of "Ramsey Family Photo Album" Collection" etc.
    Don't know if that the case for this photo though.

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    found this:


    it has a Channel 4 copyright on it. that would be CBS here in Colorado.
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