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    Coroner confirms body found is that of missing woman


    12 hours ago • THE SOUTHERN

    Hardin County Coroner Jessica Cullum confirmed Friday a body found in in the Ohio River near Rosiclare a day earlier has been identified as Chrisandra "Chrissy" Williams.

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    This article is from the 17th, before she was found...indicates that LE found 'items of interest' related to her disappearance...wonder if that's what led them to the river...


    RIP Chrissy...I feel that someone harmed her. I hope they find out who and justice is served.

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    Obituary for Chrisandra "Chrissy" Williams
    (January 22, 1974 - March 20, 2014)
    "Chrissy was an amazing person who had a heart of gold and a smile that would captivate your heart. She never met a stranger and considered many a friend"
    "Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at the Watson Funeral Home in Eldorado at 11:00 AM"

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    They are streaming her funeral live tomorrow.
    Sad, Sad, Sad~

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    Now it's time for justice. I heard LE has information, so hope this means an arrest is coming soon. It would be nice to see the family get the answers they need.

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    I hope justice is served if someone harmed this woman. When I look at the pics, it looks like she couldn't have driven off the road by mistake since it looks like a beach area. Did she go in somewhere else?

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    IDK, but heard her sister say Chrissy never drove without wearing a seatbelt - ever. yet she was found in the back of the SUV. Also, the car was in reverse. It doesn't sound like she put herself in the river.

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    The cause of Chrissy Williams’ death remains unknown, months after her body and vehicle were pulled from the Ohio River, though her sister says she has a copy of a pathology report.

    “Basically there was no water in her lungs, no residue in her throat or anything, but he ruled it a clinical drowning,” Williams sister, Tami Jackson, said Thursday of the pathologist’s findings.

    Hardin County Coroner Jessica L. Cullum did not respond to messages left via voicemail or email. Illinois State Police in Ullin also did not respond to an email request seeking information.

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    Looks as if somebody may get away with murder.

    A) She was strangled.

    B) She was drugged.

    C) She committed suicide.

    Being submerged in water for all of those months may have erased evidence of strangulation or drugging.

    Being in the water for all of those months would not erase evidence of a gunshot wound, a knife would, or blunt force trauma.

    The likelihood this woman killed herself is about .0001%

    No water in the lungs means she wasn't breathing when she was submerged. Death by drowning...for real ??

    Looks like the killer thought it out, planned it out carefully, and pulled it off without a hitch.

    The SUV was most likely driven there in the dead of night, slipped into reverse, and rolled into the water with the engine still running and enough speed to make it drift out into the water a pretty good distance.

    The dude got away with murder.

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    Here we are Sept 1 2014 over 9 months of her missing and found Deceased March... 6 months with no results, no answers, no arrests, no further investigation published in regards to her cause of death.

    I saw in previous posts that she was found in the back of the vehicle, with the vehicle in reverse, and the vehicle on. However I didn't see that on any of the articles. Can anyone give more information on how this was stated?

    Also I am in the understanding that there was other evidence that A. pointed to the lake (outside of the family's persistence) and B. that there was other evidence of foul play.

    Can anyone give further information on this?

    Has her sister stated anything more publicly?

    I am going thru Chrissy's FB now to see if the family has posted any updates since...
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