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    Looking for an old news video

    Hi everyone!

    My bosses brother was murdered on July 3 1994 in South Florida at a place called Elite Photography. The suspects were arrested and have been convicted, but he is looking for old news videos. He said they were on all the local news stations and even on CNN when it happened.

    I came here because I am hoping some one could tell me how I could locate such an old video. I did try to do an internet search for old news video's but couldn't find anything. Maybe an online library data base someone would know about?

    Thanks so much!!

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    Start with Thewayback machine online. It's a great way to search for things yanked from the net; which of course are never 'really' yanked.


    Dont Be A Sheep

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    Thanks for the info. This news cast is from 1994, and it looks like The Wayback Machine only goes back as far as 2009. That is a great source though!


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