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    CA - Hugues Bellevue, 59, Chula Vista (San Diego), 12 November 2013

    CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Chula Vista police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a doctor who runs a hospital in Mexico and has not been seen in two weeks.

    Dr. Hugues Bellevue, 59, was reported was last seen in early November, according to Chula Visa police. Bellevue lives at 1987 McCloud River Road in Chula Vista and owns Saint Marc Hospital in Playas de Tijuana, investigators said.

    Bellevue’s family came from New York to search for him two weeks ago. They were scheduled to hold a news conference on the disappearance late Thursday morning.

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    Here's a translated Baja California/Tijuana news article that was posted November 27th.

    The cooperation of the public is requested to locate the missing answers to the name Hugues Bellevue Delice 59-year-old native of Haiti who is lost since Nov. 12, 2013.

    Through a press release, the Support Center for Missing Persons and Missing (CAPEA) reported that the average foreign affiliate has black skin, measured 1.70 meters, weighs 90 kilos, brown eyes, black hair, broad nose, Mid mouth, thick lips, wide forehead, thin eyebrows, medium build, oval menthol.

    The reporting party stated that the last time you had contact with Hugues Bellevue was the November 12, 2013 and to date has not heard from him.

    If you seen him or know of his whereabouts, please communicate CAPEA the phone numbers (664) 104-28-00 extensions 2956 and 2957, or the anonymous tip number 089 or the emergency number 066.

    Spanish version:

    Buscan a Hugues Bellevue

    Se solicita la colaboración de la ciudadanía para localizar a El extraviado responde al nombre de Hugues Bellevue Delice de 59 años de edad, originario de Haití; quien se encuentra extraviado desde el 12 de noviembre de 2013.

    A través de un comunicado de prensa, el Centro de Apoyo a Personas Extraviadas o Ausentes (CAPEA), informó que el extranjero tiene como media afiliación tez negra, mide 1.70 metros, pesa 90 kilos, ojos color café, cabello negro, nariz ancha, boca mediana, labios gruesos, frente amplia, ceja delgada, complexión mediana, mentol oval.

    La parte reportante manifestó que la última vez que tuvo contacto con Hugues Bellevue fue el 12 de noviembre de 2013 y hasta la fecha no ha tenido noticias de él.

    Si Usted lo ha visto o conoce de su paradero, favor de comunicarse a CAPEA a los números telefónicos (664)104-28-00 extensiones 2956 y 2957, o bien al número de denuncia anónima 089, o al número de emergencias 066.

    "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."
    ~ Maya Angelou

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    for those of you who are unfamiliar with Baja/Tijuana.. Playas de Tijuana is a pretty small beach community that shares borders with the US and has access to the Pacific Ocean. It's a pretty friendly and clean area compared to many other Tijuana areas.

    i haven't seen any updates after the press conference that was supposed to happen this morning.

    hopefully more information will be released soon.
    "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."
    ~ Maya Angelou

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    P.I.: Missing Doctor May Be a Kidnap Victim


    By R. Stickney, Paul Krueger and Monica Garske |
    Friday, Dec 6, 2013 | Updated 7:13 AM PST

    A Chula Vista physician who has been missing for at least two weeks may be the victim of a kidnap for ransom crime, according to a private investigator hired by the man’s family.

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    Texas Equusearch Flyer for Dr. Hugues Bellevue


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    He is still missing, this page for him was updated last month


    The link above indicates foul play but this site says voluntary for some reason.


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    A PI hired by Dr Bellevue's family believes the best - and maybe only - chance of finding him now is to exhume a severed head that Mexican authorities buried, to see if it is him. Meanwhile, family are hoping the FBI can make a forensic comparison just from a photo.

    I think the photo of the head, before it was buried, has been used with full permission of the family. I am posting it here because I really want CarlK to see it but I'm afraid the news site may get complaints and take it down. If people feel it is too graphic to have here, I will remove it.

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