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    Washington woman unintentionally live-tweets husband's death in fatal crash

    How horrible

    A woman who tweets about traffic in Vancouver, Wash., was writing about a fatal car collision for about an hour yesterday before realizing that her husband had died in the crash.

    Caran Johnson, who lives in the Vancouver suburb of Salmon Creek, posts about area traffic on the Twitter account @ScanCouver.

    The posts on her account, which is now protected and not visible to the public, express her growing panic as she fails to contact her husband, and the shock of learning that he had been killed.
    The Washington State Department of Transportation first posted about the collision around 1:30 p.m. local time.

    My opinion is MINE!

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    What a traumatic way to find out about the death of her husband.

    Condolences for her and the family's loss.

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    Wow. that's horrible.
    "Crack up the music and dance!"

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    'Of course she asks herself "why did I say that?": Family defend wife who live-tweeted husband's crash death after she is abused for boasting she'd gained 700 more followers"


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