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    Suit champions chimp's right to not be held as a pet


    A first-of-its-kind lawsuit filed Monday asks a judge to free a chimpanzee that a lawyer says is being held against his will as a pet in New York.

    Tommy, who lives with a couple who have a reindeer farm in Gloversville, N.Y., is illegally imprisoned and under New York law has the right to live a more "chimpanzee-like" life at a sanctuary, says attorney Steven Wise, president of the Nonhuman Rights Project......

    Chimpanzees can make choices and, like humans, have an interest in freedom to live as they wish, Wise says. "It would seem exceedingly unlikely that any chimpanzee would choose to live life in a cave."..........

    The Nonhuman Rights Project, represented by Wise, has asked a New York civil court for a writ of habeas corpus for Tommy, arguing that New York laws "do not limit legal personhood to homo sapiens." The lawsuit notes that, in the past, the court has decided legal issues involving other domestic animals.......more......

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    This is an unorthodox approach, but if it helps stop people keeping apes as pets, then it may be worthwhile. The primate pet trade is horribly damaging, both to individual animals and to their species as a whole.

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