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    Exclamation Home> Money IKEA Recalls Lamp Following Death of Child

    KEA is recalling millions of children's lamps following the death of a child who choked on the lamp's cord. Another child was injured. The "SMILA" series wall-mounted children's lamps were sold at IKEA from 1999 through May 2013 for $10 to $13. The recalled lamps are about 11 inches high and 11 inches wide and were sold in eight designs: A blue star, yellow moon, pink flower, white flower, red heart, green bug, blue seashell and orange seahorse.

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    We have two stars. Honestly, do parents not have much common sense these days? Who puts a lamp cord near a crib? Command strips work wonders too. Thankfully IKEA is sending out free "repair" kits to attach the cords to the wall. MOO

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    We have the moon. But our kids are elementary age...

    (Question: what makes this lamp's cord any more dangerous than another wall-mounted lamp cord, or any cord?)
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    We have the green bug and blue seashell but my kids are middle school and high school aged. They were never mounted near cribs or toddler beds and cords were attached to the walls.

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