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    CA - Coach Charged with 65 Counts of SA

    Livermore, CA - A well-known youth golf coach, winner of the Northern California PGA 2013 Junior Coach Leader Award, has been charged with 65 counts of sexual assault against multiple male minors, following a lengthy investigation. More charges are possible in other states. Community is in shock:





    Who can parents trust?!?!?!?

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    I bet they'll unearth dozens more victims of this guy, given time.

    Glad he's caught. Pity having him chucked off a cliff isn't an option.
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    Hiding in plain sight as usual.

    Who can parents trust?

    No one.

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    This hits a bit too close to home, unfortunately. We know a family in Livermore whose kids are very active in sports. THANKFULLY they belong to a different club and their kids weren't affected (nor are their kids competitive in golf), but it's a huge shock nonetheless. And of course that doesn't make us any less sympathetic to those families who are directly affected. I agree with Ausgirl, too bad we can't toss Nisbet off a cliff.

    According to this lawyer Nisbet could get 30 years to life, given his crimes, and that's just for what we currently know about, never mind what investigations in other states could turn up:


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    Nisbet lived right beside an elementary school. His plea entry has been continued to Jan 15 due to new charges, although even more are possible.

    Some of the acts occurred at parties where he was the only adult. He did an amazing job of grooming both the children and their parents.

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    A popular northern California golf teacher convicted of molesting his students and plotting to kill them from jail was sentenced Thursday to 27 years in state prison.

    Andrew Nisbet, 32, of Livermore, pleaded guilty to seven felonies including murder solicitation, possessing child pornography and lewd and lascivious acts on a minor...

    Under a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed nearly 80 felony charges that could have meant a life sentence.

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