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    ID - Karin F. Geruldsen, 47, Glenns Ferry, 7 November 2013

    Karin F. Geruldsen

    Karin F. Geruldsen, 47, has not been seen or heard from since November 7, 2013 when she was on the west end of Glenns Ferry traveling east on railroad tracks right before dark. She is schizophrenic and required to take medication. Her family suspects that she may not have taken her medicine.

    If anyone has information, please contact Elmore County Sheriff Detective Lieutenant Clint Andrus at (208) 587-2100 or their local law enforcement agency.

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    Geruldsen’s family notified the sheriff’s office on Dec. 2 that they had not been able to make contact with her. The last time the family had communication with her was the end of October.

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    She looks quite familiar to me; Glenns Ferry isn't all that far from Boise. If I've seen her before it was probably at work (I work at a hospital). Her name is not familiar at all, but her face is. So she was 'traveling east on railroad tracks'? What does that even mean? She was walking? So obviously whoever saw her knew who she was, why didn't they at least ask her if she was okay or if she needed a ride...? Maybe she was pretty independent so no one thought much about her being out like that. Wish we had more details.

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    I have a son with schizophreniform and when he is in a flare up, its so difficult to deal with him in any way. I know her family is sick with worry. You feel such a burden when you have a loved one with this type of illness...you feel so responsible for helping them, but sometimes they just won't let you.
    Praying Karin is safe somewhere.
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    The Elmore County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that the body of Karin Geruldsen was discovered Tuesday near Hammett.

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    RIP Karin Geruldsen.

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