Do you think these are random cases? Or do we have organized snipers on our hands once again? Any ideas?

I don't understand why more hasn't been done about this?? LE keeps downplaying this and in the last article I read, an assistant police chief said people shouldn't think there's an "onslaught of shootings" and that we're actually on a pace to have less shootings this year. So that makes it okay???? Tell that to the families of the poor victims who were shot in cold blood for no reason!

I think these are gang related. In two of the shootings, witnesses who survived said they saw a "car full of men with shaved heads" chasing them. All of the victims have been male, and I think all had dark-skinned complexions. I think the shooters are either hispanic LA gangs, marking their territories by shooting innocent victims, or maybe even white supremisist gangs taking shots at Hispanic and African-American men. The media hasn't said one word about this. All that they have said is that these all appear to random with no connection other than they're happening on the freeways.

A shooting happened near my home on a freeway that I use very often. The crime index in my community is one of the lowest in the nation, so this is very disturbing news. When the mid-Atlantic/Ohio shootings took place, it seemed the media and FBI were all over it. Now, they just keep saying "it's normal for LA to have all these shootings". I don't think it's normal and more investigation needs to take place!