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    FL - Mom accused of shooting son with gun she used to kill ex-husband

    Mom accused of shooting son with gun she used to kill ex-husband. (sun-sentinel.com)
    A woman who was acquitted of murder after killing her ex-husband more than 20 years ago in South Florida is now facing charges of trying to kill her adult son with the same gun.

    Prosecutors in Las Vegas want a jury there to learn about the trial Linda Cooney won in 1993, when she was accused in the Feb. 7, 1992 shooting death of prominent Palm Beach County tax attorney James Cooney.

    The testimony of Kevin Cooney, 11 at the time of the trial, was key to his mother's acquittal, according to Peter Magrino, the prosecutor who tried the case. James and Linda Cooney had divorced four years earlier, and she claimed she acted in self-defense when she shot him.
    it gets stranger; the rest the link

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    She's bad news! How does a woman get that kind of power over her sons?

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    This is absolutely wild. My only guess as to what kind of power she has over her sons would be abuse and domination over the years? Whatever it is, this woman is dangerous.

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    Wait! Mother shoots son, before calling police she is on the phone for 15min with her other son who by the way is a police officer. If this is true what a steel cold mother and son. I don't think the judge will let the jury hear about the other shooting case. Hope I am wrong. Moo


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    this lady was convicted even after the son she shot testifed (in his wheelchair!) in her defence


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