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    NY - Jessie Evelyn McCann, 18 Dec 1913

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    Wow, PFF - thanks for the link!

    That whole front page is fascinating -- from the dirty old man who married a schoolgirl and paid the mayor to show up at the wedding.. to murder trials and other scandals, it's all really interesting.

    Poor Jessie. I am guessing she was never found. I'd be happy to put a bit of effort into sleuthing this one, when I get some time.

    ps - I love how in the article about the wedding, there's two women "said to be" actresses - LOL. And it's noted the mayor refused to kiss them, as I surmise he was expected to. This was, I suspect. 1913's way of saying "yeah, the bridesmaids were a couple of hookers."

    There's an incredible amount of artfulness in these old papers that really doesn't exist anymore.
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    I can't get the link to work to the NYT article but Miss McCann's body was found a month later; she drowned.

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    report of Memorial and picture at

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