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    2 years after death, woman gets her Christmas Wish for family

    Sweet story for Christmas:

    Two years ago, one month before she died of ovarian cancer, Brenda Schmitz asked a friend to wait until Schmitz’s husband, David, had found a new love to marry before delivering a letter to a Des Moines radio station. Every year Star” 102.5 takes submissions of Christmas Wishes and consults with local partners to grant some of them.

    She made requests for her family & special requests for the woman who would become step-mother to her four sons. http://blogs.desmoinesregister.com/d...nclick_check=1

    Get a tissue & see the video.

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    noZme, OMG the tears wont stop streaming. What an incredibly selfless thing Brenda did for her family. When Most see men choked up and tearful, it seems even more powerful for some reason. What a lovely thing the radio station and the sponsors of the Christmas Wish did to fulfill her wishes. Thank you so much for bringing this to us here on WS. Everybody needs to see this video and hug their family.

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    I saw this today on fb and couldnt hold back the tears.

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    Wish we could see the letter she left to Jane. Bet its another tear jerker.

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    OMG! Crying like a baby here.

    Justice For Caylee So sue me CA!

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    Made me cry too.
    It's my opinion if no link provided.

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    She sounds like a remarkable woman. What an act of selflessness.

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