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    WA - Amanda 'Mandy' Stavik, 18, Bellingham, 24 Nov 1989

    This is my first post and I'm hoping to find information on several unsolved cases that have haunted me for years. This site is amazing and I continually find inspiration in the stories and the people looking for answers.

    I was living in Bellingham in 1989 and the savage murder of a beautiful young college student really shook the community to its core. To my knowledge (after searching), there has never been even the hint of an arrest in this case.

    To learn more about the case of Mandy Stavik, here are links to various articles and other sources on-line about her life and her unsolved murder.




    As with so many of the women I have read about here on this site, she seemed to be a remarkable young woman. I would love to see someone come forward with information to solve this case.

    Blessed be--

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    Mandy seemed like a tough, adventurous girl and I hope one day she gets justice. I have done some research on the case and believe that either Charles Sinclair the "Coin Shop Killer" or James Allen Kinney were here murderer. It's crazy that two serial killers were active in the same location in the same general time period. I read somewhere that Sinclair's son knew Mandy and that possibly some news articles about her murder were found in his storage locker.

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    James Allen Kinney was arrested in 2001 and convicted of one murder in Washington State. He was strongly believed by LE to have committed two other murders in Michigan and Iowa late 1990's. He was given a life sentence.

    Would be interested in hearing more about him and his travels around the US and Canada. Probably many more murders could be linked to him.

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