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Thread: GA - Mason Cox and David Wood - both 20 years old - Dawsonville - 02-Jan-2014

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    Very sad.

    I was thinking about this story when I saw this on the news this morning -
    Justice for Jennifer

    Rest in peace Danielle and Tammy

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    so sad.

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    Not the outcome I was hoping for. RIP guys.

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    Oh God, Mason's brother, Cody's most recent post on FB page is gut wrenching and has me, a perfect stranger, bawling my eyes out... I've gotta log off.

    RIP Mason and David. You are loved and missed by so many.

    **Please forgive the limitations that come w/my posting via mobile ATM**
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    not sure if this was posted.......

    very moving interview with their mothers

    RIP BOYS............

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudyBolton View Post
    Just reported : Autopsy results in - drowning exacerbated by hypothermia. So sad, but glad for the closure and that there was no foul play involved... RIP boys. Prayers for their families.

    Toxicology pending.

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    I am just sure one of them was saving his friend ... one is a hero and thankfully we will probably never know which. So to me, they both are. Couple of young guys out having fun with their very best friend and as sad as it is , dying in the prime of your life means they will never know pain and sickness and many of the worlds' other horrible things. They lived full to the last minute. That is a good thing.
    Rest in Peace young men.

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    You know what? Now that we know that the cause of death was drowning/hypothermia not foul play I don't even care what the toxicology report says. Godspeed, boys.

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    RIP, sad to see two guys full of life are now gone. So sorry to the families!
    Seeking Justice for those who can't. Wanting justice for precious Jhessye!

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    Such sad news. These men were obviously loved so much and cared for each other very much.
    I hope the family can find some sort of comfort in that there was no foul play, after waiting so long to hear what happened to them, that must be a relief in a way.

    RIP Mason and David.

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    So sad. May they rest in peace.

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    Has it been answered yet why the boys were at the lake? They had already returned from fishing and brought their poles and stuff back. So why did they go back down to the lake? Two healthy strong men drown in a lake they grew up on. I dont know but I feel there is more to it.

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    God Bless the families of these 2 men.

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