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    OK - Former OKC doctor William Valuck charged in 9 pill mill deaths


    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Narcotics investigators have seized medical records from the office of a former Oklahoma City-based doctor who faces possible murder charges after eight patients died of prescription drug overdoses and another allegedly caused a fatal traffic accident.

    According to a search warrant affidavit filed Monday, the records were seized from the office of Dr. William Martin Valuck, 71. Federal agents arrested him Friday at his home in Kilgore, Texas, on nine counts of murder and 43 counts of unlawful distribution of controlled dangerous substances.

    More at link......

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    Former OKC-based doctor arrested after patients die of overdoses


    Good grief! Look at the # of pills perscribed for his alleged victims as listed at this link provided. I've NEVER seen a perscription with that many pills in it.


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    Surely, nobody walked out of the pharmacy with a gallon of pills; those numbers were totals for multiple doses over several months. No matter, doc was operating a pill-mill. And he prescribed for people known to have drug problems without establishing their histories. That's a lucrative business if you don't get caught. This "doctor" is in a world of hurt now. No sympathy from me.

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    Doctor William Martin Valuck Charged With Murders After Patients Die Of Overdoses

    Doctor William Martin Valuck Charged With Murders After Patients Die Of Overdoses


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    A doctor I used to work with (and once held in high regard) is in prison right now for something similar. (Except he 'bartered' some of his transactions for sex)

    I can see how this might become tempting. There is so much paperwork in medicine today- there folks probably just walked in with cash in hand, got their scripts and walked out. Easy source of income. You don't have to set up associations with labs, radiologists. You don't have to jump through the hoops of getting admitting privileges at a hospital. You can keep 'records' on paper instead of dropping tens of thousands of $$ on computerized medical record systems.

    Not saying it's right- just that I understand how it might look like a workable option for some.
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    My husband worked with the patient that caused the fatal car crash. He was injured by an IED and suffered from PTSD. Addicted to pain pills since returning to the US. He medically retired from his government job a couple of years ago.

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    Ex-Doctor in Okla. Charged With 9 Counts of Murder

    After the birth of her daughter about a decade ago, Christy Green got an infection in her breast. Doctors prescribed pain medication, and Green got hooked. Authorities allege she soon began popping more and more pills, assisted by the one person who should have been watching out for her: her doctor.

    more at link ................ http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/d...urder-21476878

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    A former Oklahoma doctor pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges on Wednesday in connection to the drug overdose deaths of several patients.

    William Valuck, a former pain management doctor, pleaded guilty to eight counts of second-degree murder under a deal with Oklahoma County prosecutors, who agreed to drop dozens of drug charges. The deal calls for the 71-year-old Valuck to spend eight years in prison.

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