TORONTO – Researchers with Michigan Technological University have published a study answering one of modern society’s most important questions: Are there time travellers on social media?

In short, the answer is (shockingly) no.

For the study titled “Searching the Internet for evidence of time travelers,” physicists Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson scoured through posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and search engines looking for evidence of time travellers.

But, what evidence could time travellers leave, you ask?

Simple: bits of historical information that wouldn’t have been public knowledge at the time they were posted.
“Although the negative results reported here may indicate that time travelers from the future are not among us and cannot communicate with us over the modern day Internet, they are by no means proof,” read the report.

The report argues that it may be “physically impossible” to leave any evidence of their stay in the past and that it may be “physically impossible for us to find such information as that would violate some yet-unknown law of physics.”
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