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    Venezuela - Thomas Berry, 39, & Monica Spear, 29, murdered, Carabobo, 6 Jan 2014


    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — A popular soap-opera actress and former Miss Venezuela, 29-year-old Monica Spear surely could have afforded to vacation elsewhere.

    Yet she and her ex-husband, who worked in the travel industry, spent New Year's in the mountains of western Venezuela with their 5-year-old daughter then visited the plains of Apure state.

    On their return by car to Caracas, Spear and Thomas Henry Berry, a 39-year-old British citizen, became the latest symbols of the rampant violent crime that is afflicting this oil-rich nation.

    Robbers shot and killed the two and wounded their daughter on an isolated stretch of highway when they tried to foil the assault by locking themselves inside their car, which had been disabled by tire punctures, police said Tuesday.......more......

    "The further we (as the human race) grow away from the natural world, the quieter the natural world becomes and the more pathological we become as a culture."........Bernie Krause

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    "Miss Venezuela and husband shot dead in front of daughter laid to rest side by side amid emotional and chaotic scenes as hundreds turn up to mourn their brutal murders"

    "Thomas Berry and Monica Spear Mootz buried alongside each other in emotional ceremony in Caracas, Venezuela"

    "Hundreds turned out for their funeral prompting chaotic scenes and delay
    Murdered when their car broke down"

    "Couple killed in front of five-year-old daughter Maya, who was shot in leg"

    "One suspect is thought to be on the run with the gun used in shooting"

    "Two minors aged 17 and 15 are also in custody"


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    "Pictured: The five people arrested over the shooting of former Miss Venezuela and her British husband in front of their daughter"


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    From May 2015:


    Gerardo José Contreras Álvarez a.k.a "El Gato," is one of the 10 men responsible for the deaths of the telenovela actress and her British-born partner... Venezuelan judges sentenced the murderer with 25 years for homocide, robbery and attempted murder of a 5-year-old child...

    Until now, six suspects have been convicted. A 15-year-old and 17-year-old who will receive five years in prison; whereas, José Ferreira Herrera (18), Jean Carlos Colina (19) and Nelfrend Jiménez Álvarez (21), are sentenced with 24 to 26 years in prison.

    TV y Novelas also reports that suspects Alejandro Maldonado Pérez (21), Franklin Cordero Álvarez (28), Leonar Marcano Lugo (32) and Eva Armas Mejías (39), are waiting for their sentence.