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    The father of an Avon man who disappeared on New Year’s Day and is now feared dead says he knew something was wrong within hours after his son was picked up by two men posing as constables and claiming James J. Robertson needed to go with them for surprise drug testing...

    One of two men accused of kidnapping Robertson was arraigned this afternoon in Norfolk Superior Court. A not-guilty plea was entered on behalf of Scott W. Morrison, who did not appear in court. His lawyer said it would be “unduly prejudicial” to Morrison to appear, since witness identification is an issue in the case...

    Feeney and Ricci are to be arraigned later this week.

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    Body of missing Avon man could be recovered, prosecutors allege

    A Norfolk man accused of kidnapping an Avon father of two said the victim’s body could be recovered, contradicting comments from the plot’s alleged mastermind, who has said James J. Robertson’s remains will never be found, prosecutors said.

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    In an interview with The Enterprise this week, Alicia Ricci described her brother Alfred as a man with “a huge heart,” a drug addict who worked for the family tax business and lived with his mother.

    Her brother was ensnared in the abduction plot, she said, by his addiction, his gullibility, and his loyalty to a relative “who thinks he’s in the mafia” and who has been described by prosecutors as the “mastermind” of the kidnapping. “I’ve been in shock since,” Alicia Ricci said. “I knew that he was into narcotics, but the carpet was absolutely pulled out from underneath my feet."

    Alicia Ricci decided to speak about the case because she was angry over the lower bail set for Michael Schoener, a 40-year-old Dedham police officer who has been charged with providing a police holster, badge and Robertson’s probation documents to the alleged kidnappers... “I’m not saying they should lower my brother’s bail,” Alicia Ricci said. “But it’s like a slap in the face. Without those supplies, they would not have been able to get James Robertson.”

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