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    Remains of Avon man missing nearly 2 years found


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    Now at least his family has some closure.

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    I wonder if a cause & manner of death can be determined? We will wait and see, I guess.
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    So sad. All because his girlfriends ex was jealous. Smh.

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    I'm so glad his family will have a resting place to go.
    So tragic what jealousy does to people.

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    Here are a couple of articles about the finding of the body, before it was identified as Robertson:


    Approximate location on map; he was well off the road to the north of Mendon Street, an area of several hundred acres that is mostly not used except by hunters. It's one of the more isolated places in the region (only about 20 miles from me) but probably less than ten minutes off the main highway. Long way from Avon where he was kidnapped, though. https://goo.gl/maps/vhjxmtLgEoQ2
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    Three men already accused of kidnapping James Robertson after he was taken from his parent's home in Avon over two years ago have now been charged with his murder...

    A Norfolk County Grand Jury returned first-degree murder and kidnapping while armed causing serious bodily injury indictments against Albert Ricci of Canton, Scott Morrison of Norfolk and James Feeney of Dedham.

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