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    OK - Monique Daniels, 15, Moore, 2 June 1992

    Monique Christine Daniels

    Endangered Missing -- Missing Since: June 2, 1992

    Missing From: Moore, Oklahoma

    Height: 5'4" -- Weight: 125 lbs -- Hair Color: Blonde -- Eye Color: Blue

    At the time of her disappearance, Monique occasionally wore blue wire-framed glasses.

    Monique was last seen in Moore, Oklahoma on June 2, 1992. She may have been seen loading clothes into a blue Chevy pickup driven by an unidentified Caucasian male.

    Monique's parent's didn't report her missing, because they believed she had run away from home. Other relatives reported her missing 18 months later, in January 1994. Monique's parents said they had received two letters and a phone call from her, but her younger sister said her step father made her write the letters, and the phone call was also a hoax. Monique's sister ran away to live with an aunt in Michigan in 1994, at which time Monique was reported missing.

    There have been rumors of foul play, but no arrests have been made and Monique's case remains unsolved.


    Charley Project

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    Thank you to vermontaigne for the blog link on Monique!

    Monique Daniels Was Reported Missing 20 Years Ago This Month

    Twenty years ago this month, Oklahoma teenager Monique Daniels was reported missing. About a year ago, someone who knew Monique wrote to me about her disappearance. A few months later I wrote this commentary for KOSU Radio, the text of which I’m publishing for the first time today on this blog.


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    Sounds hinky to me. Obviously, the parents knew she wouldn't be calling or writing letters herself.

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    "The unsolved disappearance of Monique Daniels"


    “My step-dad picked us up from the church and said Monique was gone,” Angelique said.

    Her step-father told her Monique ran away, but neither the step-father, nor Monique’s mother, reported the disappearance, initially.

    Months went by, then a year. Extended family members began to question why police weren’t more involved.

    Police say it was more than a year after Monique disappeared when her parents finally called them.

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    The story seems to be pointing to the step father.


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    Thank you for caring. I pray for justice everyday. I used to pray for the truth. May 2013 I got the truth when my brothers who were home at the time revealed the secret they have been hiding. Now that I know she is no longer with us, I am trying to find her remains. I am in this alone, most of my family want to move on or feel that nothing will ever come of it anyway. I won't stop seeking justice for her. It brings me comfort in knowing others care too. This week a celebrity announced her 17 year old was missing. The story was shared thousands of times and got airtime on national t.v. Because Monique was just a girl from Oklahoma, it seems no on cares. Her story doesn't get shared across the country, media is not seeking the answers either.. I have reached out to many news channels and t.v. shows too. I guess if you are famous and missing people care. So discouraged.

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    Looking for Monique - I am so very sorry for your sister's disappearance. Are you able to say what you learned in May 2013 from your brothers? If she is in fact no longer here do you know what state or county the person who harmed her might have taken her?

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    I do not know her exact location but I do not believe she is far from Moore. I can share that they told me they saw her dead in the house. They were 11 and 9. There was severe abuse in our home of all kinds. My step father is who they said is responsible. My parents are culpable and should pay for their crimes. I am not sure it will ever happen.

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    I hope you do not mind I just had to post her photos from previously mentioned blog.


    The day Monique vanished the pop trio Wilson Phillips released the song, Where Are You?

    It was June 2, 1992, and Monique was just 15 years old.

    Her NamUs Profile:
    NamUs MP # 5993

    Cleveland County, Oklahoma
    15 year old white female

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    This case was featured on Crime Watch Daily. I hadn't heard of this case before. It broke me heart! http://crimewatchdaily.com/2016/05/0...or-disappears/
    Seeking Justice for those who can't. There has been justice for Jhessye!

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