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    VA - Elijah Nealey, 23 mos, smothered, Manassas, 22 Aug 2012

    Little Elijah Nealey was murdered by his babysitter, Jessica Fraraccio, in 2012. She tried to play the death up as a tub accident but finally admitted that she had injured Elijah when he got upset over not going to the park, by pulling a little chair out from under him. This monster of a babysitter then carried him around, upside down, while holding her hand over his nose and mouth, eventually smothering him to death. Little Elijah even fought back by biting her…

    So, her sentence: while she was eligible for 50 years, the judge gave her only 5 years and she has to send at least $1 a year to a charity of her choice for the rest of her life, after she gets out.

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    How appalling!A person carrying a joint in their pocket would get more than 5 years.This woman will continue to be around children and most likely having her own,I hope she does not get annoyed with them.Something needs to be done about these judges.

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    they are people in this country indeed that very state doing life for less egregious acts.

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    She should of gotten a lot more time. If I were the boys parents I would be furious, oh wait I can still be. 5 years! She hurt him repeatedly and killed him. A dollar a year on his death, I guess that is a reminder. Should of been more money.

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    What the what?! Elijah's life meant almost nothing to this judge. A truly unjust and maddening sentence!

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