Closer tracking by deputies finds one man who had not updated his address

DELTONA -- A push to improve tracking of area sex offenders paid off this weekend when Volusia County deputy sheriffs arrested an offender who didn't properly report that he had moved from one area of the city to another.

Chad Harrison, 26, violated the terms of his probation when he moved out of his home on Gainesville Drive before the date agreed to by his probation officer.

Harrison also did not report his move to Austin Avenue within the required 48-hour period, officials said.

The Sheriff's Office initiative was launched in the wake of the kidnappings and killings of two girls near the west coast of Florida. Police said registered sex offenders killed Jessica Lunsford, 9, and Sarah Lunde, 13.

The program, which began about a week ago in Deltona, aims to keep closer track of sex offenders through weekly checks of their homes.