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    Excuse me, is that a lizard in your quesadilla? Tortilla mystery draws concern in OKC

    More, with video, at the link:

    Reptile-Looking Tortilla Mystery Draws Concern In OKC. (news9.com)
    OKLAHOMA CITY - The mystery inside a tortilla bag bought at an Oklahoma City Wal-Mart is sparking a food company investigation of sorts.

    News9.com producer Matthew Nuttle decided against making a quesadilla lunch Monday after finding what appears to be the body of a lizard in one of his tortillas. The mystery passed quality control all the way from Georgia-based Ole Mexican Foods to a store shelf in Oklahoma City.

    "As soon as I saw it, I thought it was mold," said Nuttle. "Then I could tell it was raised up, and it looked like it had scales on it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    More, with video, at the link:

    Reptile-Looking Tortilla Mystery Draws Concern In OKC. (news9.com)

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    Eh. . .did you see it when they cut it open? It looks like dough to me. It looks like it was imprinted somehow though and that's why it looked reptile like. MOO
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    If only it was fried...

    From vintage Gourmet (October, 1949):

    Fried Lizard

    First, literally catch your lizard. Read on and you will understand why we resort to this overused phrase. The rough skinned, vegetarian lizards are your prey for the pan, never the smooth-skinned kind that eat insects. They are generally found in old hollow arborvitae trees, or in Panamanian kitchens. Mexian and Central American hunters cut a hole high up in the trunk and another lower down, and if the little reptile cannot be stirred out with a stick thrust in from the top, a few hot coals dropped down in make him pop out of the bottom hole. He is seized and kept alive until the cook is ready for him.

    After skinning the lizard, dress and cut up the meat. Marinate it in sour orange juice, or in sweet orange juice acidulated with lemon juice. Add 1 teaspoon whole peppers and a dash nutmeg. After 3 hours, drain and wipe the meat dry. Season with salt, dip in beaten egg and in fine bread crumbs, and fry in deep, hot fat. Or it may be sautéed butter until it is brown and tender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaborDayRN View Post
    The company said it looks like dried dough from a previous production run mixed with the fresh.It is funny how it is ingrained in us to automatically think if something looks off with our food it is an animal/insect or body part.

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    No, thanks. I'm trying to cut down on lizard.

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