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    Galliano, LA parents say bullying led to son's suicide

    Galliano parents say bullying led to son's suicide

    The Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a Galliano teenager Garyn Strong, 15, who apparently took his own life.
    His parents, Thad and Maureen Strong, said bullies tormented their son for the past four years.

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    Garyn was a beautiful child. Only 15 years old. Too young to know it gets better.

    Rest in peace, Garyn. I was bullied as a kid. It can be awful. Galliano is a really small town-
    a population of a little over 7,000. My guess is this kid couldn't escape bullying anywhere in town once it became so out of control. His mom alludes to that in the article posted above- that he couldn't go anywhere or do anything because of the bullying.

    Sending love to his parents.
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    I'm as old as Garyn was, and I was bullied as well. Though my native Ohioan town wasn't as small as Galliano, I still faced enough bullying to have me now being homeschooled (along with petty crimes I committed). Garyn was a beautiful boy, and I can sympathize with his feelings of "it will never get better". I know not why God chose to let me live from my suicide attempts, but not Garyn. Rest in peace; sending my condolences to his parents.

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