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    FL - Rebecca Courson, 6, killed by 13yo driver, Monticello, 20 Jan 2014

    When can someone be held responsible for a tragic accident?

    A 13 year-old girl was driving a truck on private property in Monticello, FL. The 8 year-old child was behind the vehicle as it was backing up, and was run over & killed.

    David Courson, 38, was a passenger in the vehicle that hit and killed his daughter. He has been charged with Negligent Manslaughter.




    (report has victim as age 6, police report lists her as 8)

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    In the article linked, there was an 8 year old boy in the back seat. I was shocked that the police noted alcohol on the breath of the 13 year old driver, the 12 year old sister of the dead little girl and the father. Unbelievable.

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    At the time of my post #1, the article had not been updated to include finding alcohol & marijuana. I came through the den to hear Nancy Grace talking about this on TV tonight. I don't have words to express my reaction to these accusations... well, I do have some words, but they aren't at all ladylike.

    Cara Courson says she doesn't blame anyone for the death of her six year old daughter Rebecca, including her husband David Courson.

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    Wow. Just. Wow.

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    It gets worse. From May 2014:


    New charges of lewd and lascivious battery and solicitation of a minor using an electronic device against David Courson come after the manslaughter charge he faces for the death of his 6-year-old daughter...

    Investigators found open containers of alcohol, marijuana and a homemade bomb in the truck. Investigators also found a cell phone with 200 text messages between Courson and the 13-year-old driver.

    With Courson's wife listening in court on Monday, the prosecutor read some of those messages including one from Courson to the girl about his wife. "I think she's jealous of you, you're everything she is not... pretty, sexy and smart," said the message.

    There was also this exchange between Courson and the girl about their sexual encounter and what Courson's wife would think about it. "If she knew what had happened in her bed she would need counseling," said Courson. "It was on her side of it too," the girl replied. "Ha, ha, ha all she would need is sound effects," Courson replied.
    Cannot find anything in MSM after that. According to Florida DOC, he was sentenced last August to 15 years each for manslaughter and lewd and lascivious battery, and five years each on four other sex-related charges. Must be running concurrently because he's scheduled for release in 2028.


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