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    OH - Joshua Davon Myers charged in horrific attack on girlfriend, Columbus, 2005

    A Columbus man is charged with brutally raping his girlfriend in what amounts to the all-day assault and torture of the mother of the suspect's two children.

    The details are disturbing. The sheer brutality of this case stunned even veteran detectives.

    Columbus Police say Joshua Davon Myers, age 23, beat, bound, tortured, kidnapped and raped the mother of his two preschool children.

    Detectives say Myers forced his two-year-old son to participate in part of the crime.

    Search warrants and police reports obtained by 10TV shed light on the extent of the crimes.

    "This was, basically, an all day long assault, is how Columbus Police Sergeant Brent Mull describes it.

    Police say the attack took place at a modest downtown apartment. An argument about money--specifically, a missing welfare check -- quickly turned into a vicious assault.

    Investigators say Myers grabbed a baseball bat and began beating his girlfriend, the mother of his two children. When she wouldn't hand over the check, things went from bad to worse.

    Detectives say Myers stabbed the woman, forced her into performing numerous sex acts, then tied her up -- binding her hands and feet.

    According to the police report, Myers then grabbed a hot curling iron and began burning the young woman. He is event said to have forced their two-year-old son to participate.


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    That's sick. What a monster! Poor kids. And of course the mom.

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    Oh that makes me want to puke!! To the mother of his children no less
    When the children cry let them know we tried 'Cause when the the children sing then the new world begins

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