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    Deputy injected with glitter instead of medication at hospital

    Deputy Sues Florida Hospital After Being Injected With Glitter


    An undercover Orange County deputy says he went to Florida Hospital for a shot of pain medication, but instead the syringe was filled with glitter, the kind used in makeup.

    Even the attorney for Florida Hospital called this case exquisitely bizarre. It has not been exquisite for the undercover officer who claims, ever since the injection of glitter, he's been plagued by health problems.

    It was cosmetic glitter, according to attorneys for the undercover deputy, injected right into muscles of the deputy's hip. The deputy had gone to Florida Hospital for sinus surgery in October of 2000. Nurses were supposed to inject him with Demerol. But one shot, he says, didn't make him feel better.
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    man, that is bizarre news

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    "Attorneys for the hospital said in court Monday that no one knows exactly what was in the deputy's leg or how it ended up there. They suggested it might even be contaminated medicine, so the hospital should not be blamed."

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    What the hospital claims, possible contaminated medicine" is impossible. The liquid had to be transferred from one container to another. The person doing so would have been able to tell it wasn't demerol. I don't know why this person did this, but the hospital would do better to just acknowledge their responsibility and pay the deputy the damages.

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    This is very bizarre. I've never heard of such. The person responsible for the injection should have notice glitter, don't you think? I really do wonder what it was he was injected with because why would a syringe with glitter in it be in a hospital anyway?

    IMO it would have to be either contaminated medicine or maybe someone got their hands on the demerol that used to be in the syringe and replaced it with whatever.

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    How big was that needle??? How on earth did glitter fit through that needle?
    I wonder if they kept what was taken out of the mass so it can be proved what it was? It sounds scarier than glitter to me.

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