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    10-year-old girl drags 230-pound grandfather to safety


    Her grandfather had a stroke. She helped him out of the water, then dragged-carried-pulled him back a quarter mile to the car, then drove three miles back to the nearest phone to get help. He spent six days in the hospital and was released.

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    I hope she gets a medal.

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    What a wonderful heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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    The power of love is amazing. Good for her...what a good girl. Bet her family is so proud.

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    she's not very big either. God bless her.
    we need to encourage harder sentencing on those that are harming our children. our children are worth it!!

    stop the circus!! these children as all children deserve to be found and justice brought forth for what has happened to them!!

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    Such a nice story, what a brave young girl. This could have ended much differently in so many ways, but she kept her cool and just did what she had to do. I love stories like this.
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