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    Woman wishes to undo kidney donation

    IVYBRIDGE, England, Jan. 27 (UPI) --
    A British woman said she wishes she could reclaim her donated kidney from her allegedly unfaithful husband.

    Samantha Lamb, 41, of Ivybridge, England, said she and Andy, 45, married in 2007 and she gave him a kidney a few years later when he became ill and needed a transplant, the Mirror's Sunday People tabloid reported.

    "I would definitely go through the operation again -- but I wouldn't give the kidney to him. I hate him. If I could I'd take it back and give it someone else. Obviously I don't want people to be put off putting their names on the organ donor list. But all I want from him is his name on the divorce papers."


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    Red face

    Ewwwww!!! I wouldn't want it back in my body after it had been in his, even if it was possible!
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    That's.... not how that works...

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