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    State of the Union address - what a hoot on CNN

    I've been watching State of the Union addresses for a long, long time. I don't think I've ever seen coverage of this event quite like this on CNN tonight.

    First of all, they announced early on that "someone from Duck Dynasty is in attendance tonight". Wow! That was newsworthy.

    Then they went into a whole speil about the members of Congress who plant themselves inside the Chamber "for as much as 15 hours" in order to obtain an aisle seat along the corridor where the President enters the Chamber. So they will get seen on camera. And maybe get a hand shake.

    Next, as the Chamber fills, you can see that all the ladies got the memo that "red looks good on camera", I've never seen such a concentration of red dresses and suits anywhere else!

    Michelle looks nice. Subdued. Barack's speech so far sounds like someone told him to "be peppy in your delivery".

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    a little west of southern hospitality.
    CNN mentioned earlier that they were doing something new with the commentating this evening.

    Have you ever seen the movie Idocracy? Current politic nowadays reminds me of that movie.
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