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    MI - Dr. Teleka Patrick, 30, Kalamazoo, 5 Dec 2013 - #13

    Please continue here. Pay attention to this post because it spells out rules that apply, in addition to our standard TOS, to this case in particular.

    No speculating that Teleka has run off to meet some unsavory character or escaped convict.

    No religious discussion unless it relates DIRECTLY to Teleka's disappearance.

    The videos are linked here: Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - MI MI - Dr. Teleka Patrick, 30, Kalamazoo, 5 Dec 2013 - #4

    Please use this link and NOT private twitter accounts. Remember, if you link to a non-case player's account - you cannot discuss or sleuth that person, so just use the above link and play it safe. Also please note, that if for any reason LE pulls the videos, we will pull them also.

    Victim Friendly

    Websleuths is a victim friendly forum. Attacking or bashing a victim is not allowed. Discussing victim behavior, good or bad is fine, but do so in a civl and constructive way and ONLY IF IT IS RELEVANT TO THE CASE. Additionally, sleuthing family members that are not suspect is not allowed. Don't make random accusations or post personal information (even if it is public) like parking tickets, address, or first and last names of all their relatives and their neighbors. Also, never "bash" or attack them, or accuse them of involvement. However that does not mean that family members cannot come into discussion as the facts and issues of the case are discussed.

    Social Networks

    Regarding Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networking or blog websites: Links may be used to direct posters to view something on a social networking page. But postings on social networking sites are not considered fact; they are rumor. Copying and pasting, or taking screen caps, directly from these pages is not allowed. Paraphrasing is okay. (Exception: If the Twitter or Facebook post belongs to a verified news station, it may be copied. But a link should still be provided.)

    Also, social networking pages may only be linked if they are directly related to a case, i.e. the victim or suspect. We don't want to post to someone's mother, brother, employer, milkman, or postal carrier just because they know the main player. We also NEVER link to minor's pages (unless they are the victim). And be sure that the page actually belongs to the person being discussed. Do not link to someone if you are not 100% sure it is the correct person. And if a social networking is set to private and you get in the back way, you may not post what you find. Private means private! This includes closed social media accounts that can only be retrieved through cached pages

    Teleka's Twitter: http://video.twicsy.com/i/bvFMi
    Teleka's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teleka.patrick?fref=ts

    Media/Resource/timeline thread: MI Dr. Teleka Patrick, 30, Kalamazoo Media & Map Links - no discussion please - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Thread 1

    Thread 2

    Thread 3

    Thread 4

    Thread 5

    Thread 6

    Thread 7

    Thread 8

    Thread 9

    Thread 10

    Thread 11

    Thread 12

    Teleka Patrick Case Archive

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    The thread is open for posting again.

    Keep in mind that MS is regarded as a victim, and the usual rules apply.

    No victim bashing.

    No suggesting that MS is responsible for becoming a victim.

    This is a warning for all, and those who ignore it are subject to a TO without further notice.


    Always give generously of yourself to support your beliefs. And when you're knocked down, give more.

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    MI - Dr. Teleka Patrick, 30, Kalamazoo, 5 Dec 2013 - #13

    Please continue here.


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    Saturday, January 4, 2014
    Finding Teleka Patrick
    The first month news reports in the investigation of the Teleka Patrick mysterious disappearance. A 30-year-old Adventist young medical resident, who disappeared Dec. 5 after working a shift at Borgess Medical Center, in Kalamazoo, MI

    This photo shows Teleka Patrick, 30, at the front desk of the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites on Dec. 5, 2013, the night she went missing. MLive│View full size

    • Could Teleka Patrick’s Obsession With Famous Singer Have Played A Part In Her Disappearance? Inquisitr│Jan 4

    • Missing Michigan Doctor May Have Been Obsessed With Famous Singer. New details reveal more about Teleka Patrick, who vanished from the hospital where she worked. ABC│Jan 4

    • Teleka Patrick's ex-husband says Kalamazoo doctor's refusal to get mental help led to their divorce. "Shortly after they met in 2006, Dr. Teleka Patrick told her future husband of how 'A Beautiful Mind,' was her favorite flick. The movie, which starred Russell Crowe and won an Oscar for best picture, tells the story of renowned American mathematician John Nash and his struggles with mental illness. 'She said, "That’s my story,"' Ismael 'Smiley' Calderon recalled recently of Patrick, 30, his wife of six years." MLive│Jan 4

    • Teleka Patrick's ex-husband, private investigator fear foul play or abduction. "A private investigator working for the family of missing Kalamazoo medical resident Teleka Patrick said he feels “foul play” is involved in her disappearance." Detroit Free Press│Jan 4
    • Missing Michigan doctor accused of stalking gospel artist Marvin Sapp. CNN│Jun 4

    • Records: Missing Doctor had stalked singer Sapp. AP Associated Press│The Washington Post│Fox News│Jan 3

    ▼ Teleka Patrick family suspects foul play Family says they believe Teleka is in danger. "Teleka Patrick's family says they believe the missing Kalamazoo doctor has 'met with foul play'." WOODTV8│Jan 3

    • Missing Mich. doctor stalked gospel singer. USA Today│Jan 3

    • Missing Michigan doctor: Gospel singer Marvin Sapp says he was stalked by Teleka Patrick, doctor missing since December: report. A Grammy-nominated gospel singer says he was forced to file a protection order against missing doctor Teleka Patrick after she showed up at his church, sent him scores of letters and contacted his children. NY Dailynews│Jan 3

    • Teleka Patrick’s ‘Strange’ Behavior Is A Distraction, Family Asks Public To Stay Focused. Newsone│Jan 3

    • Teleka Patrick 'clearly' stalked Grand Rapids pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp, judge finds. MLive│Jan 3

    • Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick Reportedly Stalked Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp. Christian Post│Jan 3

    • Teleka Patrick’s Family Asks Mary Lands Investigator for Help. "The family of Teleka Patrick has now hired the investigator who has been handling the search for Mary Land. It’s the latest twist in the ongoing search for answers in Teleka’s disappearance. According to Jim Carlin of Justinian Investigative Services in Battle Creek, Teleka’s parents returned to Kalamazoo this week and met with him for several hours." Fox 17│Jan 3

    • Teleka Patrick's family hires new investigator. "Justinian Investigative Services announced late Thursday they have been hired to take over Patrick's case." WWMT Newschannel 3│Jan 3

    • Report: Missing Doctor Was Stalking Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp. CBS Detroit│Jan 3

    • Newly surfaced video, testimonials help unravel Teleka Patrick mystery. TOMO News│Jan 3

    • Did Teleka Patrick commit suicide? By Chelsea Hoffman. *********│Dec 9

    • Missing Doctor's Ex-Husband Says She Has Troubling Issues. Inside Edition sat down with Ismael Calderon, the ex-husband of missing doctor, Teleka Patrick who claims Patrick often suffered from delusional and paranoid episodes. Inside Edition│Jan 3

    • Dr. Teleka Patrick Vanishes, Baffling Police and Family. "Pat Brown, criminal profiler and author of How To Save Your Daughter's Life told Inside Edition, "This is one of the strangest cases I think I've heard of in a long time. I don't know if there really is a relationship. And this is what is so confusing. because Teleka, in the video, seems like she's speaking to a person who may not even be real." Inside Edition│Jan 2

    • Teleka Patrick's family issues statement, focusing on missing doctor following latest developments "... Throughout the course of this investigation there have been more questions than answers and all we want is for our daughter to be brought home. We need closure. We need answers. The fact that Teleka's car was found with a flat tire on I-94 has not changed. The fact that she has not been seen since December 5th has not changed. These are the facts that frighten us. Teleka is missing and we want whoever has her or has harmed her in any way to come forward." MLive│Jan 2

    • Report: Teleka Patrick stalked Marvin Sapp, well-known pastor, gospel singer. "Well-known Grand Rapids pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp filed a request for a personal-protection order against Teleka Patrick, alleging the Kalamazoo doctor was stalking him ..." MLive│Jan 2

    • PPO: Teleka Patrick stalked Marvin Sapp. "In a personal protection order request, Grammy-nominated gospel singer and Grand Rapids pastor Marvin Sapp wrote that Patrick was stalking him. Sapp said in the document that Patrick began contacting him before she moved to West Michigan from California. 'She has moved from CA to MI,' Sapp wrote in part in the PPO request. 'Joined my church, contacts my children, and has been to my home.' And, he wrote, she was claiming him as her husband." WOODTV8│Jun 2

    • Report: Teleka Patrick's marriage crumbled because of her 'serious mental illness,' former husband says. MLive│Jan 2

    • Videos raise more questions in missing doctor's disappearance. UPI United Press International│Jan 2

    ▲ Missing doctor's ex: This is a red alert. Ex says Teleka Patrick suffered 'mental illness.' "'Calderon, who was married to Patrick from 2006 to 2011,said she also suffered from what he suspects was a serious mental illness' ... 'I believe it's a serious concern because every day that she's still missing, it's a danger,' Calderon said. 'This is a tragedy. I don't think she's hiding somewhere. I think she's being held against her will or the worst.' Calderon said he and Patrick's marriage started to crumble after he pressured her to seek mental help. When she refused, he left her out of concern for his safety and that of his children from a previous relationship." WOODTV8│Jan 1

    • Teleka Patrick case: Ex husband claims missing Michigan doctor heard voices. Examiner│Jan 1

    • New Clues in Search for Missing Doctor. Nearly a month after her disappearance, new video of Teleka Patrick has surfaced. ABC News│Jan 1

    • Video Raises More Questions in Disappearance of Young Doctor Teleka Patrick. Atlanta Black Star│Jan 1

    ▼ This is the 3rd video in a series that Teleka Patrick recorded in November 2013. Videos that found by Adventist Report in Dec.13 and tweeted on Dec. 18 and 19. And then they were massively widespread by the press recently in Dec 26.

    • Cooking video 2. (Cooking and love).
    Uploaded on Nov 6, 2013. Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_S00bPRC29w│Twitter link: http://video.twicsy.com/i/X9ANj#xBHB...9│Teleka Patrick's Twitter video (@TelekaPatrick) http://t.co/UxzJQTSOQ9❤️ - 2013-11-07 06:13:11

    • Private investigator, family plead for help after videos of missing Michigan doctor surface online. "Clatterbuck said Patrick left her cellphone at the medical center before leaving the city. Her wallet and identification were found by Indiana police in the abandoned car. 'There’s been a good chance she had a plan to be off the grid for at least a while,' he said." Fox News│Dec 31

    • Teleka Patrick felt unsafe, ducked between cars at Kalamazoo hospital before vanishing, investigator says."'It's not typical for a woman of her age to leave her cellphone, but I'm guessing she did it intentionally and I don't know why she did that,' Clatterbuck said. 'Taken together as a totality, I see her wanting to use cash, I see her leaving her cellphone, she has two chances to get it (from the hospital). She's acting kind of furtive between the cars at the parking lot. 'I'm just thinking that she had some kind of plan to be anonymous or not be recognized so much, and I don't know why she felt that way.'" MLive│Dec 31

    • Irene Patrick, mother of missing medical student Teleka Patrick, called in to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin│Dec 31

    • Kissimmee parents of missing young doctor wait, worry. Teleka Patrick, a Michigan doctor in her first year of residency, disappeared about a month ago. Orlando Sentinel│Dec 31

    • Teleka Patrick case: New Year’s Day vigil planned for missing Michigan doctor. Examiner│Dec 31

    • Vigil for Teleka Patrick planned for New Years Day. "The search for Dr. Teleka Patrick will take on more of a national flavor New Years day as a national advocacy group, the Pray at the Pump Movement, will asking Adventist Churches to raise funds to cover the costs of the search. They also plan a vigil in front of FBI headquarters on New Years Day from 1 to 2 p.m. Patrick and her family attend the Adventist Church." WinCountry 98.5│Dec 31

    • New information on disappearance of Kalamazoo doctor. "The Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office has maintained all along that there is no evidence of foul play, but Monday night, we learned through our police sources that investigators have executed several search warrants in the case. Where and when they were executed is still not clear, but a private detective hired by the family says this development means several things for the investigation." WWMT Newschannel 3│Dec 31│VIDEO

    • Here are Kalamazoo's most-read news stories of 2013. "What were the top stories in Kalamazoo in 2013? 1. Teleka Patrick case ..." MLive│Dec 31

    • Missing Doctor Mystery: Do Her Romantic YouTube Videos Hold the Clue? People Magazine│Dec 30

    • Teleka Patrick: FOX 17 Uncovers More Video, Shares it with Private Investigator. Fox 17│Dec 30│VIDEO

    • Michigan woman posted bizarre YouTube videos to 'baby' before disappearing Dec. 5. Dr. Teleka Patrick posted two videos for a recipient her family can only guess at. Patrick wasn't in a relationship and may have been running away from someone, a private investigator says. NY Dailymail│Dec 30

    • Videos raise more questions about missing Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick. "Investigators searched but came up empty. 'We looked everywhere,' Sgt. Rick Strong of the Indiana State Police told CNN." CNN│Dec 30

    • 'Hi baby, goodnight, it's Teleka': Doctor, 30, who vanished three weeks ago is seen in new video singing Diana Ross song and showing off meal to her 'love interest'. Dailymail│Dec 30

    • Michigan doctor's disappearance stumps investigator. USA Today│Detroit Free Press│Dec 30

    • FBI looks for clues in Mich. disappearance of Oakwood University graduate. WaayTV│Dec 30

    • Missing Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick: Video raises questions on doctor's whereabouts. ABC 15│Dec 30

    • Teleka Patrick: Michigan doctor missing since December 6, police reviewing video evidence. WPTV 5│Dec 30

    • Mysterious disappearance of Michigan doctor from Florida, Teleka Patrick, stumps investigators. First Coast News│Dec 30

    • Mysterious disappearance of Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick stumps investigators. "Irene Patrick anxiously paced her home Christmas Day, with one question in mind: Where was her daughter, Teleka? It had been 20 days since anyone heard from her." Detroit Free Press│Dec 27

    • Officials Hope New Video of Doctor Holds Clues to Whereabouts. Breaking News • ABC│Dec 27
    • New Footage May Give Clues to Michigan Doctor's Disappearance. Good Morning America • ABC│Dec 27

    • Teleka Patrick's parents say YouTube videos 'have led to more questions than answers'. "In a statement issued late Thursday, Teleka Patrick’s parents said they are perplexed by YouTube videos that surfaced this week of the missing Kalamazoo doctor ..." MLive│Dec27

    • Missing: Medical Resident Teleka Patrick Last Seen In Kalamazoo. CBS Detroit│Dec 27

    • Is Teleka Patrick mentally ill? By Chelsea Hoffman. *********│Dec 27

    • New Video Footage: Clue to Michigan Doctor’s Disappearance? The Root│Dec 27

    • Fears for missing Kalamazoo doctor intensify. The Detroit News│Dec 27

    • Videos raise new questions for those trying to find Teleka Patrick. WWMT Newschannel 3│Dec 27│VIDEO

    • YouTube video of missing Kzoo doctor. WOOD TV 8│Dec 27

    ▼ Teleka Patrick YouTube videos show missing Kalamazoo doctor singing to love interest. MLive│Dec 26

    ─My awesome day!│Uploaded on Nov 8, 2013 Because I thought about you all day! ❤️

    ─Surprise! Final video│Uploaded on Nov 10, 2013 ❤️ I wish you were here with me ❤️

    • Teleka Patrick: Parents Release Statement Regarding Newfound Videos of Missing Doctor. Fox 17│Dec 26

    • New Online Videos of Kalamazoo Doctor ‘Disturbing,’ Says Private Eye. Fox 17│Dec 26

    • Investigators Focus On Missing Doctor’s “State of Mind”. Fox 17│Dec 26│VIDEO

    • Missing Doctor Felt “Heightened Sense of Agitation” Before Disappearance. "... findings ‘disturbing,’ questioning Patrick’s state of mind in the time leading up to when she went missing. He also said it is clear Teleka didn’t feel safe in Kalamazoo ..." Fox 17│Dec 26│VIDEO

    • Vigil for Missing Kalamazoo Doctor Held Outside FBI Headquarters. "A vigil was held outside FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. on Christmas Eve for missing Kalamazoo doctor Teleka Patrick. The vigil was put on by the Pray at the Pump organization, which has gotten national attention in the past for gathering to pray for lower gas prices." Fox 17│Dec 26

    • Have You Seen Dr. Teleka Patrick? Young Michigan Doctor Disappeared December 5. EUR This N That | Urban Black News Blog│Dec 25

    • FBI Joins Search For Missing Michigan Doctor. Crime Feed • ID Investigation Discovery│Dec 24

    ▼ Family Searches Frantically For Missing Doctor Who Grew Up In Queens. CBS New York│Dec 23

    • Teleka Patrick was stressed, agitated but reason why remains mystery, private investigator says. "The FBI bulletin and the increase in reward money are the latest developments in a case that, so far, is filled with unanswered questions." MLive│Dec 23

    • Michigan Police Still Searching For Missing 33-Year-Old Woman. HNGN│Dec 23

    • Linden Church hosts benefit concert for Dr. Teleka Patrick search effort. Jamaica, NY. Examiner│Dec 22

    • Teleka Patrick's wallet and clothing items found Dec. 5 in abandoned car, FBI says. MLive│Dec 21

    • Teleka Patrick Disappears Without A Trace. WebPronews│Dec 21│VIDEO

    • Brilliant and beautiful: A life full of promise, Dr. Teleka Patrick's disappearance has left her family, police baffled. "Patrick’s decision to come to Kalamazoo surprised her parents. Irene Patrick said her daughter had other schools to choose from, including Harvard and Yale." MLive│Dec 21

    • Teleka Patrick: Michigan doctor vanishes without a trace. Examiner│Dec 21

    • Patrick family reacts to new details in Teleka's Disappearance. WOOD TV 8│Dec 20

    • Is Teleka Patrick voluntarily missing? By Chelsea Hoffman. *********│Dec 20

    • Teleka Patrick’s Family Discusses New Details on Doctor’s Disappearance. Fox17│Dec 20│VIDEO

    • Teleka Patrick Missing: Michigan Doctor Vanishes After Receiving Mysterious Call At Work. IBT • International Business Times│Dec 20│VIDEO

    • Teleka Patrick: Michigan Doctor Missing Two Weeks, Search Continues. Newsmax│Dec 20

    • Breaking Details in the Search For Missing Kalamazoo Doctor Teleka Patrick. Fox17│Dec 20

    Investigators have seized Teleka’s computers and are reviewing their contents.
    Police have obtained a warrant for Teleka’s work and personal email accounts.
    The group says Teleka received a disturbing phone call on the afternoon of December 4th which visibly upset her. Police are working to obtain a warrant to pour through her phone records.
    All of Teleka’s belongings, with the exception of her wallet and keys, were left at Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo.
    There has been an unconfirmed sighting of Teleka asking for directions to Gary, Indiana in the area of where the Lexus she was believed to be driving was discovered along I-94.
    The group also says hound dogs followed Teleka’s scent directly into the road which lead investigators to believe she was either being followed or was picked up by someone she did not know.
    Also Friday, the FBI added Patrick’s missing person case to its website.

    • Last picture of missing doctor: What happened to Teleka, 30, who tried to check into hotel with no money after taking 'suspicious phone call' - and whose car was dumped 100 miles away two hours later? Dailymail│Dec 20

    • FBI Involved in the Teleka Patrick Disappearance Case Fox17│Dec 20

    • FBI issues Missing Persons Bulletin for Teleka Patrick; Parents issue statement. MLive│Dec 20

    • Michigan doctor vanishes; car found; police stumped. CNN│Dec 20

    • Michigan doctor, Teleka Patrick, 30, vanishes: $10,000 reward. Rolling Out│Dec 20

    • Parents of Missing Medical Resident Teleka Patrick Pray for Her Safe Return. Good Morning America • ABC│Dec 19

    • Parents Of Missing Medical Resident, Teleka Patrick, Praying For Her Safe Return. Inquisitr│Dec 19

    • Can’t Stop Watching: Missing Michigan Doctor Teleka Patrick ... Xfinity Comcast│Dec 19

    • Surveillance video offers clue in missing doctor's disappearance. WWMT-TV Newschannel 3│Dec 19│VIDEO

    • Missing Kalamazoo woman on surveillance. WOOD TV 8│Dec 20│VIDEO

    ▼ Teleka Patrick videos: Watch hotel camera footage from the night Kalamazoo doctor went missing. MLive│Dec 19

    Watch Teleka Patrick at Radisson hotel front desk in Kalamazoo. Teleka Patrick stood at the front desk at the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites in downtown Kalamazoo for 14 minutes, trying to get a room there. She was ultimately denied.
    Watch Teleka Patrick walk up to the entrance of the Radisson. Teleka Patrick was seen on surveillance video the night of Dec. 5, walking up to the entrance of the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites.
    Watch Teleka Patrick enter the Radisson. Teleka Patrick, missing since Dec. 5, was seen on surveillance video entering the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites.
    Watch Teleka Patrick leave the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites in Kalamazoo on the night of her disappearance. At 7:52 p.m. on Dec. 5, surveillance video from the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites shows Teleka Patrick boarded a hotel courtesy shuttle between 7:52 and 7:53 p.m. bound for the parking lot of Borgess Medical Center on Gull Road.

    • Teleka Patrick's parents wonder if cellphone call holds clue to what happened to Kalamazoo doctor. MLive│Dec 18

    • Missing Person Spotlight: Teleka Patrick of Kalamazoo, MI. BMWK│Dec 17

    • Tenesha Patrick, Sister of Missing Teleka Patrick, Pleads For the Public’s Help. Black America Web│Dec 17

    • Parents of missing medical resident plead for help. Nancy Grace • HLN│Dec 18

    • Teleka Patrick timeline: What we know about Kalamazoo medical resident who disappeared. MLive│Dec 18

    • Teleka Patrick: Man Believes He May Have Spoken to Missing Kalamazoo Doctor. Fox 17│Dec 18│VIDEO

    • Tenesha Patrick, Sister of Missing Teleka Patrick, Pleads For the Public’s Help. My Columbus Magic│Dec 17

    • Please Help Find Teleka Patrick. The Dirty│Dec 17

    • New details in missing Kzoo woman's case. WOOD TV 8│Dec 17

    • Missing woman's family: 'We need help'. WOOD TV 8│Dec 16

    • #FindTeleka: Twitter users rally to find missing Michigan resident. Aljazeera America│Dec 16

    • Teleka Patrick not the first to vanish from Borgess Hospital. By Chelsea Hoffman. "There's also the strange coincedence that she is not the first young woman to vanish from Borgess Hospital. Back in 2003 a woman named Shay Lynn Eisenhardt vanished after checking into the hospital for anxiety. In a strange coincedence the security cameras at Borgess that night apparently weren't working either ..." *********│Dec 16

    • Family searching for Teleka Patrick missing in Kalamazoo. THV 11│Dec 16

    • Family of Teleka Patrick Pleads For Help in Finding Missing Michigan Medical Resident. "Although African Americans make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population, we account for 33 percent of the missing in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s database. Cases involving African Americans also tend to receive less media coverage than missing Whites, with missing men of color getting even less attention. NewsOne has partnered with the Black and Missing Foundation and TV One to focus on the crisis of missing African Americans." Newsone│Dec 16

    • Where is Dr. Teleka Patrick? Black & Missing Foundation │Dec 16

    • Michigan Medical Resident Teleka Patrick Still Missing. Madame Noire│Dec 16

    • Doctor In Medical Residency Still Missing From Michigan, Family Pleads For Answers. Crime Feed • ID Investigation Discovery│Dec 16

    • Vigil held in Kalamazoo for Teleka Patrick. WOODTV 8│Dec 16

    • Hope still alive: Family, friends of Teleka Patrick gather to pray for her safe return. "More than 50 community members and Patrick's father, mother, sister and brother gathered Monday night at Trinity Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church in Parchment for a candlelight prayer service that was far from somber." MLive│Dec 16

    • Teleka Patrick tried to check in to Kalamazoo hotel on Dec. 5, car was seen driving 'erratically' on I-94, police say. MLive│Dec 16

    • Teleka Patrick Still Missing, Vigil Scheduled for Tonight. The Northwest Indiana Gazette│Dec 16

    • Was Teleka Patrick murdered? Parents of missing woman fear the worst. By Chelsea Hoffman. *********│Dec 14

    • Dr. Teleka Patrick Medical Resident Missing. CNN iReport│Dec 14

    • Parents of Teleka Patrick make plea for help finding missing Kalamazoo medical resident. MLive│Dec 14

    • We Love You... We Will Find You. #FindTeleka. Youtube│Dec 13

    • Adventist woman reported missing in Michigan. "Teleka Patrick, an alumnus of Oakwood University, graduated earlier this year from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in CA and is currently a medical resident in Psychiatry at Western Michigan University's School of Medicine." Examiner│USA, Dec 13

    • Bloodhound, ATV used in search for missing Kalamazoo medical resident Teleka Patrick. MLive│USA, Dec 13

    • Account set up to help find woman. WOODTV 8│Dec 13

    View Larger Map

    • Car of missing Adventist medical resident from Kalamazoo found abandoned on I-94 in Indiana. MLive│Dec 11

    • Teleka Patrick likely taken by predator. By Chelsea Hoffman. *********│Dec 11

    • ISP│Police Request Your Help Locating Missing Woman. Contact Information: Name: Sgt. Ann Wojas Phone: 219-696-6242 Email: awojas@isp.in.gov Indiana State Police Press Release│Dec 11
    - See more at: http://www.adventistreport.com/2013/....WOSUykQ5.dpuf Indiana police request public help.

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    Soon we will be bumping for Teleka !!!

    No new news and fewer and fewer visitors.

    Very sad. I use to be on this post from morning till night (I felt I had no more life - LOL), now I come and see once a day to find out If she has been found. Its all new people that are rehashing what we rehashed "ad vitam eternam" a month ago. Getting colder by the hour.

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    It makes me so sad to log on and find this on page 2. But, alas, there's nothing new to add or to go off of. Bumping for Teleka. I pray you're brought home, safe and sound, soon.
    I have opinions of my own - strong opinions - but I don't always agree with them. -George H.W. Bush

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    Bumping for Teleka

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frannie View Post
    Soon we will be bumping for Teleka !!!

    No new news and fewer and fewer visitors.

    Very sad. I use to be on this post from morning till night (I felt I had no more life - LOL), now I come and see once a day to find out If she has been found. Its all new people that are rehashing what we rehashed "ad vitam eternam" a month ago. Getting colder by the hour.
    It is extremely sad that this case appears to be "cold" at the moment...meaning Teleka has not been found yet, and there are no new leads or at least not being shared with the public.

    Praying she is safe somewhere and for "news"...

    Rest in Peace
    Joey, Summer, Gianni & Joseph Mateo

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    If she is out there the weather, ice and snow levels still stand in our way

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocolate View Post
    If she is out there the weather, ice and snow levels still stand in our way
    They have found wwII soldiers in the snow in the last few years. The remains consist of their clothing(uniform and parashute) and bones. I feel searches should be made now in the snow and ice for her before the possible remains are just a few bones.(don't forget there are animals there}.

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    The search conditions have to be safe for the searchers.

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    there once was so much darkness"
    (Sasquatch, Websleuths member).

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenbear View Post
    They have found wwII soldiers in the snow in the last few years. The remains consist of their clothing(uniform and parashute) and bones. I feel searches should be made now in the snow and ice for her before the possible remains are just a few bones.(don't forget there are animals there}.
    Interesting. I don't know much about searches, so I probably shouldn't have posted. I assumed that since there has been a ridiculous amount of snow and stupid temps in the midwest that it would be impossible to search for her.

    Can cadaver dogs search in these conditions? If they are safe?

    I think I have some research to do about this. If anyone knows off hand, let me know. I'll go google now.

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    I am not sure if conditions are safe for searchers in SW MI and NE IN simply because I don't know. Both areas are still experiencing stretches of severe winter temps, windchills, and intermittent snowfall.

    If and when searches resume, dogs (plural) may be highly effective. Here's an excellent detailed article about search and rescue dogs and the assistance they are trained to provide. Includes trailing vs. tracking skills, scents on air, in water, commands, cadaver dogs, dogs trained to find people in the wilderness, etc.

    The article states that a well trained SAR dog, appropriately deployed, is worth 20 human searchers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panthera View Post
    It is extremely sad that this case appears to be "cold" at the moment...meaning Teleka has not been found yet, and there are no new leads or at least not being shared with the public.

    Praying she is safe somewhere and for "news"...

    I have to admit I'm not following this case as much as I used to. I'm still saddened and concerned about Teleka's disappearance but I only check for updates about twice a week.
    I was at a gathering tonight with about 30 people and although I didn't asked anyone if they knew anything about this case, I'm quite sure no one, except my sister, bil and husband knows anything about TP''s disappearance. My point is IMO there are possibly more people who are not aware of this case than there are people who do know about it. Teleka could be living in the house next door and if I had no knowledge of this case she would be just another neighbor.

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    MI - Dr. Teleka Patrick, 30, Kalamazoo, 5 Dec 2013 - #13

    I'm starting to subscribe to the idea that she's in hiding! It's probably due the MS PPO or senseless ploy to get attention from him...something of the sort

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