'One white rose for little baby unknown'

August 7, 2002, an elderly man, Mr Little, was walking through Gipton Woods in Leeds, UK and stopped to investigate an abandoned plastic bag. A baby's arm slipped free when he opened it.

The baby was a boy and his placenta and umbilical cord were also in the bag. Police believe he had been stored elsewhere for about 6 weeks before being discarded. He was wrapped in several bags, one of which contained a child's 'tiddlywink' counter, leading police to believe the mother may have had other children. He wore a nappy that was too big for him and he weighed nine pounds.

The coroner was unable to ascertain any firm date or cause of death. The ragged umbilical cord suggested a crude delivery.

Gipton Wood baby's remains were stored for 18 months in the hope someone would come forward with information. No-one did. Eventually he was buried in Feb 2004 with only officials in attendance, with the exception of Mr Little who had found him.

"Can't get the little chap out of my mind," he said. "...how could anyone leave a little one like that?"

Gipton Wood baby was not given any name at burial, for fear of offending any parent that might come forward eventually. At Harehills Cemetery in Leeds he is listed as number 45. His coffin was inscribed 'unknown male baby'.

The case remains open. Police have a partial DNA profile.