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    NY - Serenity Brown, 23 mos, Brooklyn, July 2006

    Just shy of her second birthday, Serenity Brown was possibly beaten to death by her father, Edward, who then sliced her up and fed her to a dog, according to law enforcement sources and documents. City social workers discovered the child was missing in 2011, leading her mother, Paula Johnson, to give the grisly account of her daughter's disappearance.

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    What a monster. I hope he gets what's coming to him.

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    Per your link.

    Serenity’s great-grandmother, who asked not to be identified by name, wondered why the mom hadn’t told anyone what happened.

    “Why didn’t she say anything?” asked the woman, who lives on Coney Island Ave.

    She was reluctant to discuss the tragedy any further.

    “That’s a dead issue,” she said. “It was years ago.”
    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


    WebSleuths Lingo thread.


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    it made me feel a little queasy seeing the actual picture of a live Serenity, knowing what probably happened to her. wow, no charges...
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    Wow. Just when you've thought you have heard it all.

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    Social workers visited the mom’s new address 5 miles away in Flatbush after a report that Johnson, 35, was keeping her 12-year-old son home from school.

    While at the Coney Island Ave. home, the workers came to the horrible realization that Serenity — while listed as receiving public assistance — was nowhere to be found, records from the Administration for Children’s Services show.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/...#ixzz2sz0V41Jq

    BBM I guess that explains why the mother never reported it.

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    So, IIRC, mom witnesses child's murder and then... (please fill in the blanks). I really don't get it.

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    If this is true both need to be given a full life sentence. If I was in charge after convicted I would have them taken out and shot ! Unbelievable the evil that is done to a child by so called parents!!! They should charge both with welfare fraud as a start, then murder charges for both of them. Who ever called about the dog tip should call back if they know where this POS buried it maybe there might be bones of the child with the dog, just the thought of this is very sickening.To the grandmother it is a long time ago and a dead issue................What is wrong with these people. OMG
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