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    Puerto Rico - Rolando Salas Jusino, 4, Toa Alta, 7 July 1999

    Rolando Salas Jusino
    Age: 4
    Date he went missing: july,7, 1999.

    Rolando was last seeing playing unsupervised around 4:00p.m in a park located at Urbanizacion Colinas De Plata, Toa Alta, near his home. During the early investigation into Rolando’s disappearance, some insinuated that it was drug related, however that has been ruled out by authorities. There have been many alleged sightings of this little man, reaching as far as Spain, the Dominican Republic and the United States (New York) to name a few, however none have ever turned out to be credible. Rolando has not been seen or heard from since that July afternoon.

    His abusive stepdad was a suspect/person of interest since the beginning because he had made threats to his mom. Threats like: "I will hit you where it hurts the most"

    A farm land that his stepdad owned was dug up and nothing was found.

    Some psychics interviewed have said that Rolando was killed the same day he was kidnapped. Most likely an accidental death by his kidnappers.

    The FBI/Interpol have said the case is still active, however the case is cold as the north pole for the past decade.

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