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    MI - Amnesia Victim-Steven Kubacki (Feb 1978-May 1979)

    In February of 1978, Steve Kubacki went Cross Country Skiing, and out to explore the area. He than discovered that he was lost and felt very cold. The next thing Steve remembers is waking up in a meadow with clothes, a backpack, a map of San Francisco, a book about the philosopher Confusions, a Wisconsin shirt, and a pair of running shoes. Thinking it was still 1978, he somehow got into town to get a newspaper. It was March of 1979! Authorities believed that he had drowned. His backpack, (not the one near him when he awoke) and skis were found, along with a set of footprints leading out to Lake Michigan. It was assumed that Steven drowned

    Steven had no memory of the events in his life following feeling cold on the ski trip to waking up in a meadow. Fourteen months later. He had no recollection of the items in his backpack, or where he was when he woke up in the meadow, many miles away from his own home. He was able to remember where his Aunt lived, and unexpectedly went to her home, in a shocking and beautiful reunion. A short time later, he went back to his parents house. He went skiing in Michigan, he "woke up" in Massachusetts!

    Steven's accounts were only that it "felt like he may have done some running." Having a map with him, upon awakening, he assumed he also might have done some hitchhiking. I think hypothermia accounted for his memory loss. The big question is who or what saved him from the cold, and potentially saved his life? As hypothermia can be deadly.

    What follows are two Google News archives of the case:



    I wonder if Steven was ever able to recall more of the fourteen lost months of his life over time, or underwent clinical hypnosis to do that?

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